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Sunday, Sunday

Apr15 019

Outside my window, there's a brilliant blue sky, not a cloud in sight.

I am thinking about anger, how it can consume, and how difficult it can be for some people to let go of it. I've always believed that forgiveness means moving past something, not that you're saying what happened is okay. Sometimes, it's just not, but neither should we carry it forever and let it eat away at our lives. It's something I've struggled with, but I never did like how it made me feel.

I am thankful for a husband with a huge heart.

I can smell wood smoke, twigs and fallen branches being burned as part of the yard work happening at the moment.

I am wearing capri jeans and a t-shirt, and my feet are bare.

I am creating snail mail to be sent to friends, journal pages recording my thoughts, something for a special project, and so much more.

I am going to being enjoying the week's weather with its warmer temps and promises of spring.

I am reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins...just beginning it really.

I am hoping that people can begin to understand that what happened in the past sometimes needs to stay in the past, and that there's so much joy to life. Or at the very least, please understand that I respect your right to feel as you do, but you don't have the right to foist it on me, or put it on my Facebook page.

I am hearing traffic move along the nearby road and the voices of my son and husband deep in conversation.

Around the house, bookcases shine and cabinets gleam. Spring cleaning has commenced, and bags and boxes wait for their trip to Goodwill.

One of my favorite things to see is the trees abloom with cherry blossoms, followed by the dogwoods. Pure magic.

A few plans for the week...subbing, art making, grocery shopping, creating snail mail and walks. I want to restart my now defunct walking program.

Note: The photo has nothing to do with this post. Nada. I just like it; it evokes happy memories, and the colors make me grin.

This week has been a roller coaster of connections being made coupled with unkindness on Facebook as a result of those connections. It's left me musing about somethings mentioned above and more. I suspect it will all become a blog post later this week -  with the ugliness being given short shrift and the happiness much more space. It  - the happiness - deserves it!

Sunday Morning Musings

July2014 449 copy

Outside my window a beautiful autumn day wants me to come out and play. Cool breezes, fluffy white clouds - just utterly gorgeous!

I am thinking about pumpkins, browns, and golds...Indian corn, red leaves, and everything that is fall. Enough of the heat; I really don't want to see it return. No thank you!

I am thankful for my two grandsons. Their energy means life. Nothing is in order; chaos reigns at times. But there is also laughter and memory making going on.

From the kitchen, the dishwasher does its thing.

I am wearing shorts and a white shirt - living dangerously since I hope to be painting in my journal soon. Yikes!

I am creating...will be creating...some journal pages and some love notes to go out into the mail this week.

I just finished reading The 9th Girl by Tami Hoag, and it kept me up until about 2 am this morning, so that I could finish it.

I am going to be babysitting Alex this week since his Granny is off to the beach. There will be painting, mixed media art making, books read, kinetic sand to be played with, and creating nests of blankets and pillows. I'm sure that we will also be watching the phases of the moon.

I am hoping to get a few more drawers and closets cleaned out this week. Lots of work and it's generally not visible, but I smile each time I open one or the other.

I am hearing a train whistle off in the distance, and it brings back such funny memories of the ever so slow trains Denise and I  watched go by while in NY.

Around the house lie legos, toy cars, wood pieces glued together, all evidence of one of the grands in residence.

One of my favorite things is cream puffs. I thoroughly enjoyed some last night, and I will gladly confess that they were dinner. Not healthy for my body, but defintiely healthy for my soul!

Note: The photo is of Delaplane Vineyards in VA; I was there a week ago today, and hope to get back when the leaves begin to turn. It should be gorgeous!


In This Moment

May14 141 copy

In this moment, I see -

  • art supplies spilling over everywhere and so many creative possibilities
  • my "Sisters Strut" coffee cup with its gorgeous peacocks strutting their stuff
  • this photo of Huntley Meadows with its glorious greens and blues
  • my mother's African violet blooming madly on my studio sill

In this moment I hear -

  • Sunday traffic whizzing by
  • birds whistling, tweeting, chirping, and blasting into full throated song
  • cats purring in gratitude for sated bellies

In this moment I taste and smell -

  • Trader Joe's Maragogype coffee from Nicaragua

In this moment I feel -

  • excited about having more time to create art, journal, and photography little scraps of magic
  • impatient to get on with the cleaning and decluttering of our home
  • grateful for the chance to create a more serene and simple space
  • a bit anxious about completing the end of year school check list
  • gratitude for Jamie Ridler's post which sparked this post and for her Sunday morning newsletter, a beautiful way to start my week

In this moment, I sense -

  • wonderfully new beginnings


Enjoy the Ride!

May14 092 copy 3

Outside my window comes the sounds of birds chirping mixed in with the annoying whine of the edger.

I am thinking about learning to slow down, learning to be more in the moment, and letting go of my monkey mind. Easier said than done, but I'm making progress.

I am thankful for time today to get things done in a leisurely fashion, even those pesky papers waiting to be graded. But I just keep telling myself, not much more of that!

I am wearing a tshirt and bright blue capris. Both have seen better days, but I don't need to worry about messing them up as I sort, pack, throw away, etc.

I am creating a few thank you cards to pop into the mail...using some of my photos, some washi tape, and a few colorful pens.

I am going to get those flowers planted this afternoon. We found found some with color that grow in the shade. Yay!

I am reading a few books on mixed media art, writing, and meditation - a mixed bag to be sure.

I am hoping to get to McKay's used book store this week, as well as to get some stuff to Goodwill. Busy decluttering here; there's a long way to go, but we're on our way.

Around the house, more decluttering to be done, things to be cleaned out to make room for what's new.

A few plans for the week - administer a math placement test, create a social studies test and then correct that, and just trying to keep squirrely sixth graders occupied and out of trouble. There's also a few journals to be made and popped into the mail. Photos beg to be taken.


Ordinary Magic / Sunday Morning Musings

Mar14 087

Outside my window, the skies are greying up. The brilliant blue sky of just an hour or so ago is fading quickly.

I am thinking about yesterday and two young boys doing what boys across time have done...playing in dirt and riding in toy cars.

I am thankful that my husband found more packages of hot cross buns. Here's to you, dad!

From the kitchen comes the lingering aroma of yesterday's chili making and this morning's bacon. Husbands who cook are simply gems.

I am wearing my clearance rack Chico jeans from a few years back. I think I've goten my $9 worth!

I am creating lots of mail art these past few weeks. My photos, blank cards, washi tape, etc. = hours of joy. Snail mail makes me smile...and I've got to send some to get some.

I am going to a gem show at Chantilly with my teaching partner in just a bit. She goes for supplies; I go for the pretty colors and inspiration.

I am reading the morning paper again, doing the Suduko and crosswords as well. Prices had climbed out of sight and we'd cancelled all but the Sunday paper, but they made us an offer we couldn't refuse, so I've got this small pleasure back in my world.

I am hoping for a snow day. I really don't want snow, but if it's going to come, it may as well give me a day off.

I am hearing the sounds that Phil is back after dropping off the mail art mentioned above, and he picked up more hot cross buns!

Around the house - piles, piles, piles! We are sorting, tossing, taking things to Goodwill. We're aiming to clear out a "bag a day." It's time to pare down and simplify.

One of my favorite things - besides hot cross buns - is homemade chili with cheese and sour cream.

A few plans for the week - grading papers, more tossing of stuff, and maybe a trip to the used book store. Oh, and a class with Diana Trout!

Sunday's Musings

Sept 13 031

Outside my window...a sky working on becoming bright blue, with sunshine peeking through here and there.

I am thinking picking memories that were made yesterday - a little boy and his grandpa picking about 80 pounds of apples and then working in the kitchen to make homemade applesauce. Every time we open up a jar this winter, the memories will come flooding back.

I am thankful for...a husband that enjoys cooking, time spent with my grands, this gorgeous fall weather, and Sundays around my home.

From the kitchen...comes the aroma of apples; there's no getting around that one! Later, stew will simmer in the crockpot, as well as homemade butternut squash soup. Want to come on over?

I am wearing...a long blue fuzzy robe. There's just enough chill in the air to warrant it.

I am creating...a new journal today...more on that later!

I am reading...Elevate the Everyday by Tracy Clark, along with a few other photography books/art books.

I am hoping...for more photo ops in my future. Yesterday, I bounced back and forth between the dslr and iphone. So many apps, so little time.

I am hearing...the snoring on one fat gray cat, whose tummy is full. He's found a towel on the floor and shows signs of sheer bliss.

Around the house...vacuuming waits to be done, closets need clearing out, laundry is in motion.

One of my favorite things...autumn's glorious colors.

A few plans for the week...tweaking this blog, journal play, and more decluttering/destashing.

I hope your Sunday is filled with joy.

Sunday's Musings

Sept13 057 copy

Outside my window, it's a glorious fall day. Bright blue sky and a hint of crispness in the air.

I am thinking about last weekend, the salt air and crashing of waves on the shore. Bliss!

I am thankful for a husband who cooks; I'm savoring a delicious omelet right now, complete with the herbs he grew. Yumminess.

From the kitchen comes a lingering scent of the chicken he smoked last night.

I am still wearing pjs.

I am creating photographic memories and visual art journal pages. It's good to be playing again and enjoying the process of it all. Instagram and Pinterenst have caught my attention as well.

I am going to be grading papers in a bit; not fun, but necessary. Then I get to post the grades and do other "exciting" school stuff.

I am hoping to not get sucked up into too much negativity this week. When you're tired and stressed, it's all too easy to do. I need to focus on gratitude instead.

I am rereading Expressive Photography and need to go get Tracey Clark's Elevate the Ordinary for an online class starting next week.

I am hoping the weather stays like this and to get out and shoot some more photos during the week.

I am hearing the sounds of Phil cleaning up breakfast dishes.

Around the house, clutter needs to be gotten rid of and some general cleaning done.

One of my favorite things is cookies and cream fudge. Some snuck into my car last weekend and followed me home from the beach.

A few plans for the week...tons of school stuff to do, functions to attend, and a blog that needs refurbishing.

Sunday Morning Musings

July 2013 059 copy

Outside my window...flat gray skies threatening rain and the promise of a slow, lazy day.

I am thinking...that summer's all too short.

I am thankful for...this down time. Time to spend hours on photographing a Chinese Checkers game, to watch my husband cut and dry the herbs he's growing, to read, to do puzzles, to just be.

From the kitchen...comes the smell of sausage, pancakes, and eggs, Sunday morning's breakfast. I've come full circle - Sunday mornings as a child meant huge breakfasts, the entire family gathered. And, lol, it meant groaning on my part, since dad cooked them, and dad was one messy cook!

I am wearing...a summer nightgown with tiny orange flowers that make me smile.

I am creating...a journal page with a photo of saltwater taffy using TAP.

I am going..well, who knows? I imagine that Phil and I will figure out something. We always do!

I am reading...some light mysteries found at McKay's used book store, the kind that require not much thought, but are funny and there's just enough of a puzzle to keep me hooked.

I am get my photo book contribution glued and packaged for mailing today.

I am hearing...sounds that signal my breakfast delivery will be soon.

Around the scattered, along with art supplies, things that signal the making of memories.

One of my favorite a really good ripe avocado, along with some heirloom tomatos for lunch. Summer on my plate.

A few plans for the go bumming somewhere with Phil, clean the kitchen cabinets, watch Seth's dvd to firm up some ideas for an artists' book, finish up two small "journals," and read, read, read.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday's Musings

May13 052

Outside my window...a gorgeous blue sky dotted with white clouds, but it's hot, hot, hot out there, so I'm staying inside.

I am thinking about how much I love laid back Sunday mornings, time to putter and relax. Both my mind and body needs this.

I am thankful for the chance to go to the beach at the end of June. We hadn't planned to go, but we came across a good deal, and with Kara's help, snapped it up! Outer Banks, here I come!

From the kitchen, come the sounds of Phil puttering around, makine a late breakfast, putting things away.

I am still wearing my pjs.

I am creating an artist's book, begun a month back with Seth Apter. Seth, I hate to tell you this, but I"ve forgotten how to do the wire wrap to attach my pages, so I am creating my own. Artistic lisence, right?

I am going to do my lesson plans later. Only a few more times to do these this year. Insert happy dance here!

I am reading various art magaznines, gleaning ideas, putting twists on others, just drinking in the eye candy.

I am hoping this dratted cold/coughing will simply take itself somewhere else already.

I am hearing the clickey clack of these keys as I type.

Around the house floors wait to be vacuumed and things to be put away since the art studio is so much more enticing.

One of my favorite things is fresh guacamole - should have told Phil to buy some when he was out and about.

A few plans for this on my artist's book, write directions for a project I'm involved in, make some photos, and investigate other arty ideas dancing around in my monkey mind.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Musings

May13 105 copy

Outside my window green leafy trees just pop against a gorgeous blue sky. I really do adore spring!

I am thinking that I need to just go and sit more people watch, listen to the birds, and mostly just "Be." Why do I wait for "homework" to do? Within a 5 minute car ride of work, water beckons, as does this bench.

I am thankful for so much...this glorious weather, a chance to practice my photography skills, second hand books to savor, freshly brewed coffee, pansies and wild mint.

From the kitchen a sliver of delicious rich chocolate torte awaits; I'm going to savor every bit of it!

I am wearing jeans and a tshirt, my weekend warrior outfit.

I am creating something with my photos, and there's a deadline to be met.

I am going to my last photography class in a short bit; time to spend with Kara; time to share my photos and learn how I can make them better.

I am reading some light mystery novels, the kind that don't require much thought and that I can gobble up in an evening - sheer relaxation mode.

I am hoping that somehow I get to inhale salt air soon, laugh at the gulls, and eat some steamed clams.

I am hearing silence broken only by the tapping of these computer keys - some rare time alone.

Around the house, much waits to be done, and honestly, it can just wait. I'm in the mood to savor down time.

A few plans for the week - math tests to give and then correct, along with beginning all the paperwork that comes with the end of the year countdown. We have several weeks to go, but oh, that cruddy paperwork. Bleah! See why I'm savoring down time?

Happy Sunday!