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In A Scrape, Part 2

Sept10 171
I spent a few precious hours playing in the art room yesterday and today...more of Michelle's GPP Street Team Crusade for this month. I played a bit with mixing white with each of the following: burnt sienna, Payne's Gray, and Quin Magenta. I worked with an old gift card and scraped on some paint thicker than others. If you look closely, I stamped a bit in the upper right corner using a cork, blotting it a bit with a paper towel afterwards to soften the circles and make them blend in a bit more.

The corrugated cardboard on the left had been used for mark making. I peeled away the backing to make it a bit thinner and flatter, but then went ahead and glued on a tiny umbrella from a strawberry smoothie I enjoyed at an "Artfest" on Solomon's Island, MD. The gal comes from a recent mail catalogue and the paper behind her from a mail art friend. A bit of stamping, a bit of jounaling with a fine tip Sharpie, and "tah dah!" another page!

Since I always use too much paint, no matter how hard I try, I always keep some extra paper nearby.

Sept10 163
Except for the round "donuts," everything here is scraped as well. These are rather large sheets, so I'll ending up tearing them down to size and use them as pages for a future journal. I love accumulating a stash like this!   

In A Scrape - GPP Street Team Crusade # 44

Scraping by 1007
I keep a stash of expired gift cards and credit cards in my art room, and they bear signs of a great deal of use! So, I was tickled to see Michelle Ward's new crusade, which involves scraping on paint with old cards, scraps of cardboard, a palette knife, or anything else you can find.

I had already started something else on these two pages, but I didn't much like what I was seeing. I had already scraped on some paints, when I read about the newest crusade. So....I just kept going. Have to say that I really don't know where all this blue is coming from; it's not one of my favorite colors, but I sure do seem to be using a good deal of it lately.

The two little folks you see are stencil images and were already on the page when I began to cover everything up. Along with various shades of blues, including ones right out of the bottle, and some that I mixed, I also spritzed on some water and scraped. The water softened the acrylic that had dried, and when I scraped it took off very thin layers, and various images, like the people, began to peek through. Too quote Michelle, "How Cool Is That!"

The lines along the left side are prints made using a piece of scrap cardboard, and the rectangle above the people is a ticket stub from a concert. I love to "sneak in" this sort of everyday ephemera. And, I don't know where I cut out the words, but I'm pretty sure the universe is sending me a message again!

I'll be doing some journaling on these pages, but right now, I'm just letting them be.  

Quick...Just Create a Page, Already!

May10 038

Sometimes, I putter around for hours...painting, layering, gluing, and pasting. A sort of "Labor of Love," if you will.

May10 039

I didn't have one of those times the other night. I had a "quick, just start gluing" sort of night.

May10 042

Time to just grab bits and pieces of stuff on the art table...stuff that would be "garbage" to most the paint smeared deli paper that made a heck of a great background.

May10 044

I needed to create even though I had my cranky pants on again...I hate entering grades!

May10 047

I really needed just to play a bit, not really think about anything, and to get myself in a much better frame of mind!

May10 023

I love this blue dog. I love random bits and pieces. I love making art!   

Smiling Here!

Mar10 428

The mailman left this on my doorstop today...that's my stuff on the cover! It just makes me grin that anyone thinks my stuff is good enough for something like this.

I was blessed and honored to be in the first issue of Somerset's Art Journaling magazine. From there, Faber-Castell contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in working with them. Of course! Best part...all I needed to do was some writing. The art work I had already done...just stuff I had done in my journal. Nothing terribly exciting - simply the stories of my days. Ordinary, everyday stuff. Go figure.

It all seemed surreal, so I didn't say much. I've learned from watching friends, that nothing is ever quite certain in the publishing world. I had to see it to believe it.

At any rate, I am doing a happy dance. Please forgive me for bragging just a bit. As Michelle Ward would say, "Too Cool for words!"

Journal Play

Two quick pages from my moleskine to share:


When we spent a long weekend at the beach recently, an obvious split reared its ugly head. On one hand, people spent money like there was no tomorrow (sorry for the cliche), and the other hand held broken dreams - businesses that were fully operational a few months back were now shuttered and closed. The background here is a monoprint of left over paint on a deli sheet. I took the photo a few summers ago, but it seems to say it all. The butterfly signals hope.


This page was simply all about play...paint, stamps, stencils - you name it!

I need to photograph my large atlas journal pages and a few from a small journal that's residing in my purse. I'll share those later this week.

Just Plugging Along

Moleskine093  What a week this is proving to be; I am completely and utterly exhausted.  We have had meetings before school, after school, during school, etc. We have an all afternoon meeting on Friday. They're all needed and necessary, but I've not been able to get anything done. I'm at school by 6:45 am just to get papers run off. I bring home hours of correcting. Last night, I just wanted to sit and cry out of complete exhaustion. So, today, I left 75 tests sitting on my desk. I sat myself in the middle of my bed and journaled this page. The background and images were put in place some time ago. I just wrote and wrote, and it offered a sort of therapy and relaxation I desperately needed. I knew that if I didn't take at least one evening for me, I'd be cranky and irritable with the kids. They don't deserve that. I don't deserve that. In a sense, I'll pay. Those darn tests will need to be squeezed in somehow tomorrow, and tomorrow night's "Back to School." Somehow, it will all work out... I HOPE!

I do get to go to the beach this weekend...Yeah! My brother invited Phil and I down; he's paying. We'll treat him to dinner since he's turning 50 next week. How cool is that?

Phil is working long hours since the military's fiscal year ends on October 1, and he's part of the finance group. By next weekend it will be 12 hour shifts and sheer madnes, so the timing is great. I'll need to take along the laptop to work on lesson plans and a few other things, but that's okay. The trade off is well worth it!

You may not hear from me until Monday or so.  Take care, everyone!

Journaling on the Go

Moleskine087 Car trips equal journaling, at least in my household! My moleskine easily tucks in my bag; I fill a small green tote bag with ziploc baggies of scraps and a few images. I grab my white and black pens, and off we go. Phil loves to drive, but he's not the best conversationalist in the car. In fact, he can drive for a very long time and never open his mouth. So, sometimes it's a book that tags along, sometimes a journal, but often it's both!

BIts and pieces of papers done in a Traci Bautista class make up the background on these two pages. Most of the pieces are very small indeed, but I couldn't bear to throw them away.

I'm not sure why, but I seem to be addicted to Victorian Scrap lately. I don't do the normal "vintage" look with them; rather, I enjoy the contrast they make on bright and funky backgrounds! So, I searched for a few new images on this past road trip but didn't find this lady until the last store we hit. Poor lady...she seems a bit befuddled about how she got here, doesn't she? But, there's a hint of a smile, I think.

Moleskine086 I love this little baby! I have no idea if I'm looking at a little boy or girl, but he or she makes me smile! Let's figure "she" is more than happy to grace the pages of my journal.  Look at her smile and the glint in her eyes. I wonder what sort of life she lived, if she kept that sense of joy?  I hope so.

As I type this, I realize that all sorts of strangers are showing up on my pages. I imagine them up above, having quite the gabfest commiserating with each other about what I've done with them.  I hope that it's no all commiseration, though. I'd like to think not.  

Moleskine Pages


"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." My plans? To make a travel journal during our time in Utah. Reality? My brain hit overload each day of the convention, and I could not fathom beginning one more new thing. Thankfully, I'd prepped some moleskine pages and tossed the moleskine in my purse at the last minute. Towards the end of the week, I bowed to reality and began to journal in it, doing some work on the flight home as well.

The page above started as a "blob print.' You know - when you squirt a few colors on a page and then slam the book shut. Not being too impressed with that end result, I began layering more paint on top. The cheap acrylics are so thin, that you can often still see what's underneath. I finally softened it with a thin coat of gesso rubbed in with the rag and added an image from a magazine. Amazingly, it all went together!


Truth be told, this page started out as paint! I don't remember what I did, but I do remember one ugly page. So, I began covering it up with bits and pieces of paper I'd saved (This is why I have such a hard time throwing stuff away!), adding the sequin waste and then the image. The sequin waste began its life as silver, but it acquired layers of paint as I used it for stenciling. I love how it goes on this page!


I always keep either my moleskine journal or some Wassau cardstock nearby to use up leftover paint.  Even if it's the cheap stuff, I hate to waste it, and I've ended up with some wonderful backgrounds doing this. A Starbucks cup protector added the hatched red lines, and I played with my "This Is Not A Stencil" stencil, as well as a homemade one from a photograph. Other bits and pieces were littering the art table, so I glued them on! It's a kind of busy page, but it cheers me up.


I actually journalled on this one when we got back, but it, too, had been prepped earlier. I put down some tissue paper and covered it with cheap yellow and pink acrylics, stamped, and then added a pic of my parents with some decorative tape. The texture is very cool....a rather leathery soft feel, but it's difficult to journal on. I used a Pitt pen with a medium tip.

That's all, folks!

34 Years....

Chincoteague08 141bToes touching, quietly celebrating 34 years of marriage, just content to inhale the salty air and be with each other. We ate out, we shopped a bit, we did the loop. Mostly, we just enjoyed the quiet and each other, grabbing a chance to divorce ourselves from the beltway's madness, and just "BE." We read, talked, ate taffy, and explored junk shops, snagging 2 cake plates. Nothing big as the outside world goes, but all that we needed.  Lots of pictures to be shared later, and a very funny anniversary dinner story to tell.

With grad classes and computer seminars, journaling has been at a minimum. I've missed it ! Here's a page done a week ago at the beach...

Moleskine044 I had prepped the page ahead of time, working with bits and pieces from my stash bag and art table. I smooshed paint around with a rag, did a bit of stamping....look closely, and you'll see the circles...added some tape, scribbled with the Pitt pen around the edges....and I was good to go! Now, the journal entry has nothing what so ever to do with the art, but I gave up on that a long time ago. I put down what makes me happy, and go from there. I use what makes me smile.

Here's what I did last night when I got back...

Moleskine045 The left side had been prepped using some left over paints from the calendar round robin. I always grab ephemera of all sorts when I'm out. Some gets used, some never does. I used a "place mat" sort of deal on the right. The little crow stamp is a favorite; she amuses me! Seeing as we junked at "The Blue Crow," she seemed fitting. I stamped and journaled right over the mat, and for being dead tired, but journaled starved, not so bad! I hope to do a lot more as this week goes by; I've missed my books, paints, and "stuff." It's really become a part of me.