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Snowy Beach Day

Feb13 028

Picture 2 middle aged women (60 is still middle aged, right?), ruddy cheeked, faces tucked into their coats, happily clambering about, cameras in hand.


'Cause there's snow on the beach. Not much, grant you, but snow, there is!

It doesn't take much to make us happy...

I love this shot; the snow added such neat sparkle and texture to the beach grass - just gorgeous!

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Searching Out Details

Nov12 013 copy
When I visited the Basillica last week, I took great delight in capturing tiny details amid all the grandeur. So much to drink in, even the columns held various tiny designs etched into them...tons and tons of textures to marvel at, and boy, did I marvel!

This happens to be a tiny detail of a bishop's crook from an effigy.  Now, I was not so thrilled with the effigy, so I focused on the bishop's crook.  Gorgeous, no?

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Hello, Sandy...

Oct12 089 copy
                                                            No longer turning...      


I'm sipping my coffee, meandering through blogs, enjoying the gift of time.

Sandy's here, not yet in "her full glory," but enough to make her presence known.

One very wet Australian shepherd sleeps in the "drying room," hoping not to forever resemble a sopping canine sponge.

I'm beginning to process my style - clean graphic shapes, repetition, circles.

Rust appeals, as does things that carry a history. Not so much vintage; you know the type...pointy hats, soft dreamy images, and the like.

Not that there's anything wrong with any of that; it just doesn't grab me. Not enough texture? Not sure, as this is all just beginning to gel in my mind.

I'll be working more on this today; it's something I can do whether the power remains on or not. Well, as long as it's daylight, at any rate! It's rather ironic that I chose this image, of a wheel and gears that no longer turn, when the ones in my mind seem to be going full blast. I do think that the universe enjoys a good joke now and then.

I'm planning on meandering through most of my day, working on assignments for Lesley Riley's "Compose Yourself" class, editing some photos, and reading.

So many cars outside, making me grateful that I don't need to be out and about in this mess.

So, Sandy, here's what I want to say: I know you're going to create an unfathomable mess. I know you're going to flood the East Coast and do incrediable damage. I know all this, but right now, you've given me the gift of some time, and for this gift, thank you.

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One Dandelion, Two Ways!

I love dandelions - always have, always will! Yup, they're weeds; I know that. But...that yellow! And, that will and determination to survive..well, they're winners in my book.

So, as I sat in Ny, while my sister fiddled with some settings and a new macro lens, I decided to photograph a few of these lovelies.

And, then back home, I began to play in photoshop elements.

Version 1:

Aug12 029 copy
Just loving the color in this one! So very bright and happy, and it makes me grin. I will probably add a quote at some point, but for now, it's "done."

Version 2:

World made new
The very same dandelion...the very same shot, but so much more soft and dreamy, courtesy of a few technques, learned from Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers II course. This one brings me peace; it soothes. I'm loving each version, but for different reasons.

A few quick facts:

Dandelions symbolize happiness, wishes coming true, along with summer and childhood.

Our early settlers deliberately transplanted dandelions to their new homes.

It's believed that you can send a message to someone by visualizing your message on the snowy white seed head before you blow on it.

Tradition held that the tallest dandelion stalk a child would find in early spring would  show how much taller they'd grow in the coming year.

Long ago brides wove dandelions into their bouquets for a long, happy union.

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studio waterstone

Where Water and Wind Dance

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens brings Monet's paintings to life. Dragonflies dance, frogs peep and harumph, turtles bask in the sun, and lotus blossoms bend their heads, the weight of their blossoms almost too much to bear.

Heat and humidity limited my wanderings today, but I still managed to snap 200 plus photos, trying to capture the elusive beauty. Sheer gorgeousness!

Minimal editing done, but I'd like to share a few...

Jul12 048
I've quite fallen in love with the seed pods at the heart of the lotus blossoms...loving the textures and colors at all the different stages.

Jul12 056

Jul12 059
Someone thought these might be "Bachelors' Buttons," but I'm not sure. Again, the texture! And, do you see my little friend?


Jul12 068 copy
Pale pinks to deep vibrant pinks, each and every one of them beautiful.


Jul12 050
The stripes seem to get lost in that sea of pink...

Jul12 037 copy
A seed pod nearly at the end of its cycle; it has yet to become the brown dried husk we see in so many fall floral arrangements. This guy still has his seeds intact; they really do remind me of chocolate chip cookies!

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studio waterstone

Macro Monday and a Little Black & White

Jun12 057 copy

The macro lens came along for the ride on Saturday, and by now, the folks at Burke's Farmers' Market are used to this crazy lady for taking pictures of onion roots and the like!

And, I'm desparately trying to catch up on Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers lessons, so, I grabbed some play time and practiced converting some of my shots to black and white.

Silent whispers
I skipped adding any texture since there seemed to be quite a bit going on here! Couldn't resist adding just a bit of text though.

Jun12 052
Zinnas make me grin - such a riot of happy colors! But, that didn't stop me from

Jun12 052 copy
seeing what would happen with black and white! Pretty cool as well, and I'm thinking I might give it a go with some markers or colored pencils.

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