Living the Second Half Feed

Sharing My Soul


I write.

I photograph.

I create art.

Each and everyone of the above feeds my soul.

Each and everyone of the above shares my soul, my life, my everyday moments, and life's big moments.

And, all of them co-exist happily in my journals.

They're everywhere, it seems. Tucked into drawers, waiting by my bedside, and piled in huge Rubber Maid containers.

One or two live in my purse; often there's one in the car. The list of where you might find one goes on and on.

These photos only show the tip of the iceberg.


So many of them....

 - store bought ones

 - hand made ones

 - ones created from old manila folders

 - another created from an old school directory

 - others created from security envelopes, sporting bright covers made from Trix Cereal boxes

 - some made in classes I've taken, covered with hand made paste papers and showing off gorgeous bindings complete with beads


They're fat, sassy, and full of color, although there's a token one that's simply black and white.

Some have been published; others are just for me.


No matter the size, shape, or cost of the materials, they have one thing in common.

I use them.

I use them to:

 - sort out my thoughts

 - record the good, the bad, and the ugly

 - create "To Do" lists

 - experiment with new art materials

 - to glue in bits and pieces of everyday life: ticket stubs, id tags, candy wrappers, banana stickers, business cards


Some pages are mini works of art. Others just sort of exist.

And, most of all, many share my soul.


They're a compilation of me and my life, and they're as necessary to me as the air I breathe.


I took the above photos with my Iphone 5, using the Hipstamatic App. No further editing was done. And, as mentioned above, the journals represent just a small part of the total collection.



Carried by the Surprise

Winter walk2
                                                                        At "Twisted Posts Winery";

"There's no excuse for being bored. There's a great big world out there with so damn much to see and do. If you're bored, it's your own damn fault."

And, with those words from Dad, off we'd go with little or nothing to spend, sandwiches packed, and open to adventure. Gas was cheap, and the possibilities seemed endless. 

I own some well traveled, time worn, oh so comfortable gypsy shoes. I use them every chance I get.

Inspiration is there for the taking, no matter what the season or weather. I just need to open my eyes, drink it in, and collect the magic. It might be a tiny seed pod from a tree, a blue jay's feather, a post card sized print from a local artist.

I might be watching whiskey get made, taking in the latest art gallery exhibit, or poking in a new to me antique shop and coming home with ephemera for my art and journals.

My husband owns a pair of those gypsy shoes as well, and just like my childhood days, there might not be much money to spend, but pack us some fresh grapes, some good cheese, and maybe a loaf of really good bread and we're set. Even a PBJ as Twit #1 calls them, or a ham and cheese sandwich, taste pretty darn good when we're off adventuring.

Yesterday's photo prompt asked us to think about several things - where we find hope or inspiration, the things that drain our soul, what we longed for, and what prevents us from acting on our dreams.

There's a whole heap of photo possibilities in those questions!

All of us experience those soul draining days, filled with anxiety, loss, fear, and so much more. Life hands them to us on a regular basis, and I'm glad I don't know what's coming some times.

 I've learned though, that I nearly always get through the problem of the day one way or the other. Strong Eastern European blood runs through me, and I carry a lot of strength inside me. A lot of stubbornness as well, which might be the only thing that gets me from points A to B at times. One step at a time, baby, one step at a time.

As for what holds me back, well, it's mostly me. Fear of what others might think, fear of not being good enough, fear of "wasting my time.' So many damn fears that keep me, and you and you and you, from really living our lives.

Leaning into this second half of life, I'm going for it, good enough or not.

Because you see, I'm doing it for me, and that's the only reason I really need.

       "I would like to live,

      Like a river flows,

      Carried by the surprise

      Of its own unfolding."

               - John O'Donohue





Living the Second Half


I'm continuing to turn the camera on me - not always directly, but the intent is to figure out what's going on inside of me, to examine my life a bit, which is not always pleasant, but never boring!

I've just started a class, "Living the Second Half" with Glen McKerrihan, perfect for me, since I'm probably in the last quarter if anything. It promises to be intriguing, not only in the sense that I'm examining my life, and where I hope to go with it, but I'm also stretching as a photographer and at times, a writer.

Like most of us, I'm a bit surprised when I look into the mirror. When did I turn into my mother and my aunt? And, where in God's good name, did those neck wrinkles come from? This peek doesn't cause despair; it just startles me. I've earned those wrinkles and more.

Plus...I'm digging this part of my life. I'm more secure in myself, in what's important to me, and what's not. I've learned to say "no" more, but I'm also saying "yes" to new things, to new ways of doing things. And, I'm doing some pruning, cutting away branches in order to let in the light. I need the light in so many ways, and I think I'll be forever stretching toward it.

I'm finding it that it's okay to not always meet everyone's expectations; battles might be the result, but so far, I've survived. Not everyone is happy, and that's okay, too.

I'm dancing with the winds of change, but I'm still rooted in what's important.

I'm learning to use my minutes wisely, spending them as I like, creating, laughing with my twits, reading good books, exploring new places and ideas.

'Cause, you know - I've got a lot of life to live! I plan to lean into it, and embrace it with arms wide open to the possibilities of it all.