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Day 1...A Bit Late!

October 13 176

Last night was a potato chips and cream cheese kind of day, which if you know me well, means that things have not been going well. I'm pretty sure I needed a hot dog. (Another post of its own!)

Nothing huge, mind you. Just lots and lots of tiny things, piling up, all adding weight to one huge ball of stress.

Example: end of quarter, report cards loom. Enough said.

When I curled up in bed with my ipad, those chips and cream cheese, I realized that lots of folks were posting away, the topic being gratitude.

Sigh. I had blown it. I had meant to do this. And, there I sat, stuffing my face with junk and feeling quite sorry for myself.

But, I knew that I needed a bit of feeling sorry for myself time before I could begin to climb out of it. I started, just now, to type, "snap out of it," but in the spirit of full disclosure, there's no "snapping out" of this one; it's going to be a "climbing out."

So, here I sit, typing away, knowing that this day will be all about catching up, doing report cards, and the like.

But, I can begin with posting something I'm grateful for, even if it's a day late. And, I'll post again, a bit later, to catch up by completing day 2.

I am grateful for autumn's glorious colors. Mother Nature doesn't mess around...she throws every bit of color out there for all of us to inhale and love. Colors, patterns, textures...she does it all. I  love it!