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Dec 13 075 copy

I eyed her warily - no telling what she'd be doing.

So, do you think you could possible get started? You know - with this precipitation bit?

She glanced at me, then took her sweet time answering.

Do you realize how long it takes to move up the East Coast? Patience, PB, patience.

Look, MN...I can call you MN, can't I? After all, you just used PB.

She shrugged. "Listen, for someone who wants a favor, you're getting mightily familiar. Try 'Mother Nature.'

I groaned, then figured I'd try logic. I mean, it might work. And, I'd even use her full title.

Look, Mother Nature, if you could just let a few flakes fly, I think, that just maybe the powers that be would call off school for the day.

She shifted, tapped her fingers.

Patience, remember? All in good time. And, remember, I'm not responsible for the fools that make that call.

And, then she chuckled, just with a bit of evil.

You do realize, Paula, that even the federal government made the call an hour ago? If they can figure out I mean business, why can't the people in charge of the educational system figure it out? Now, just go back to bed. It's going to happen whether you're staring daggers at that ipad or if you're sleeping. Me? I'd go for sleeping...just in case, you know, you do end up in your classroom today.

Boy, I hated that snarky grin of hers.

I gave up. She held all the cards in this game, and she darn well knew it.

There was something to be said for the days of yore, the ones where you weren't able to check every few minutes.I put the ipad on the floor and pulled the covers up, snuggled down, and tried to sleep.

But, you can bet that I listened for the tell tale beep that signalled a new email, and maybe, the call that I wanted. Couldn't let her think she was completely in charge, could I?




December's Wintery Breath


Dec 13 082 copy

"Please," I whispered to winter.

"Please...may I have a snow day? A day to putter? To work in my journal?"

Winter held her silence, and I sighed in frustration, thinking what a tease she was.

And she howled her displeasure, whipping the branches outside into a frenzy.

Somewhere in the middle of the inky blackness, I blearily peered at the ipad.

Oh, a two hour delay, just a bit of a gift to ease into my Monday.

"Thank you," I whispered.

"Thank you."

And, winter smiled, and blew out a long sigh, coating the branches with a frosting of ice.

The blinking light, signalling an outage, teased my eyes awake, and I once again, peered at the screen, just to be sure I hadn't dreamed it all.

And, I grinned...winter had upped her ante, covering everything with a fine sheet of crystal, sending yet more bits of diamond tumbling from the sky, closing schools across the area.

Gulping down my coffee, pulling on my sweats, I wandered outside to try to capture her magic.

"Thank you," I grinned, smiling up at a world of spun sugar. "Oh, thank you!"

"P.S.," chuckled winter, "I'm sending more your way tomorrow!"


The Ice Man Commeth?

Nov13 072 copy 2


Early Sunday morning, and the clouds hold the promise of snow, ice, and sleet. Winter's grays and browns dull the landscape, and even though it's early morning,  there seems to be no light.

I've idly been surfing the various weather stations/agencies on the world wide web; it's almost as if I can shop for the weather I'd like to happen. My zip code promises a "Weather Warning," but work, just a few miles away, firmly states that it's all just an "Advisory." And, I sit here giggling softly at the mental picture in my head - snowflakes madly gauging the boundary lines as they descend, shifting their positions so as to distinguish the advisory vs. warning sides.

We haven't had much measurable snowfall here in the DC Metro Area for the last few years, and so it's all quite the news, with many reminders as how to prepare for this event. I have to make a confession here: I did NOT go stock up on toliet paper, milk, or bread. Disclaimer 1: No small children in this house that would have a meltdown if I run out of milk. Disclaimer 2: I eat very few sandwiches.  Disclaimer 3: Plenty of toliet paper in my upstairs closet.

Now, the child in me would love a snow day, which by the way doesn't seem likely to happen. After all, the whole mess will change over to rain in the morning. I may get a delay out of it, and honestly, since we have a field trip on Tuesday, it would be better to be at school to finish all the prep a field trip involves. Yet, still, I'd love that snow day. There's a fresh pine tree downstairs, decked out in small white lights. Cartons of decorations stand by to be unearthed. I'd love to dip coffee and/or hot chocolate and make my house look like Christmas. I'd love to sit and play with some paint in my studio. And, if I'm being honest, I could well spend the whole day in bed reading! Whatever my choce, snow days are magical.

A blanket of gray outside, and a blanket of silence inside - the whole day ahead of me to watch for that first flake to come lazily drifting down. Papers will get corrected, lessons planned, and laundry done, while I hope for that snow day.


Note: I shot this photo on the Assateague Island wildlife loop. I rarely find the beauty in browns and grays, but I love the light behind these weeds.

Advice for Today, Part 2

December 2011 055
Look closely at what surrounds you and lose yourself in its mystery.


December 2011 106
Take delight in the simplest of things.


December 2011 146
Indulge yourself in nature's gifts of magic.


December 2011 178
Remember to add that splash of'll feel better! I promise.

The above magic courtesy of Longwood Gardens.

All Wrapped Up!

Alex merry christmas_edited-1
This little one celebrated his first Christmas.


Christmas 2011 061
The presents? Nah...........not so much....

Christmas 2011 068
...but, that wrapping paper? Oh, oh, oh...what fun to be had!


Christmas 2011 076
All sorts of textures and sounds to immerse yourself in!


Christmas 2011 105
And, sometimes a fellow gets so wrapped up in the fun, that


Christmas 2011 111
he simply takes it with him.

P.S. The above pun? Blissfully intended!




December 2011 074

Almost there...

In less than 24 hours, Christmas vacation begins...

Just a few more hours of corraling restless middle schoolers, who are really really trying to be so very good.

And, I am sure, they'll be vacationing in some exotic places orbe running blissfully from one event to another.

Or, maybe both!

As for me, I plan to get cozy.

To curl up and read, make some plans, figure out some goals.

I'm going to finish the crossword puzzle while I'm still awake.

Fill in the Suduko squares.

Curl up under my sister's blanket and just "be."


P.S. Go visit the "Many Muses Musing," and check out some absolutely gorgeous depictions of cozy!


December 2011 041
There are little scraps of magic everywhere...

Christmas holds so much magic, doesn't it? And, some of my utmost pieces of magic can be found in ornaments, expecially those handmade by my now grown children. From the toliet paper tube fastened into a candle or a Santa, to a tissue paper covered bird house, I love them all.

December 2011 041 copy2
A few nights ago, I lost myself in another bit of magic - Photoshop Elements. I happily clicked on various filters and settings, just to see what I could do, just to play. This one seems so soft and dreamy, almost like a Monet painting.

Posterination play
Such a different look, and I enjoy it just as much! The aim, of course, is not to depend on Photoshop for a good shot, but the play time is simply magical!

If you're in the mood for a bit more magic, hop over to today's "Many Muses Musing," and enjoy!

All Is Calm

December 2011 052 copy_edited-1
Just popping in - ever so briefly - to send you a smile and a Christmas greeting!

It's hectic here; the house is not decorated unless you count the boxes strewn here and there - the boxes with the decorations inside of them.

Martha Stewart would be horrified.

But, I'm okay with it all, determined not to spaz out, determined to keep the season's magic in my heart.

So much magic waiting for us to notice it.

Slow down, have some coffee or tea - whatever suits your fancy.

Breathe in...hold...breathe out.

Smell the peppermint and cinnamon.

Savor a homemade cookie.

Celebrate the magic.


December 2011 070
I love to play along with photography prompts, especially with The Mortal Muses group. If you ever want a dose of eye candy, go visit. Along with the sheer delight of what I see, I learn so many ways to shoot the same object.

This little guy hangs on one of my sister's trees and he really does sparkle and make me smile. Quite a jaunty little fellow,isn't he?

The muses are celebrating 14 days of Christmas with a new prompt each day, and I know that I'll be reading, viewing, and playing along each day!