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Dec13 002

Outside my window, cars whiz by under bare brances and a cloud dotted blue sky.

I am thinking about the year to come, my creative goals, and so much more.

I am thankful for a quiet relaxed Christmas with family and for an abundance of delcicous food and men that cook!

From the kitchen, cookies whisper sweet nothings.

I am wearing jeans and a soft blue/gray sweatshirt, nothing grand, simple comfort clothes to be sure.

I am creating quite the mess in my studio as I ponder the makings of a documented life.

I am going out later in search of calendar planner pages.

I am reading Storycatcher by Christina Baldwin, underlining words that catch me and scribbling in the margins.

I am hoping to order a few things from Amazon, work on my planner, and do a bit of journaling.

I am hearing a "Superheroes" video...Dom is in the house.

Around the house boxes wait to be recycled, toys are scattered here and there, and I'm ignoring it all.

A few plans for the week...simply to savor Christmas for a few days until I get serious about some destashing, correcting papers, and cleaning.



Outside my window...

I am thinking I'd much rather be at the beach enjoying some steamed clams.

I am thankful for my pansies. They make me smile.

From the kitchen the coffee pot waits for me to come downstairs and grab another cup.

I am wearing a well worn but oh so comfortable pjs.

I am creating a series of journal props using my photos.

I am going somewhere this weekend. I'm not sure where, but I'm itching to get out and indulge my gypsy like traits!

I am reading a series of very light mysteries, nothing that require any real sort of concentration. By the time I sit to down to read, my mind is long gone.

I am hoping to indulge myself in a really good macro lens in the near future.

I am hearing Who-Dey whimpering. He wants out of the back room, but then no one who is currently sleeping will still be sleeping. Sorry, Who-Dey.

Around the house winter clothes are waiting to be packed away, as are all the Easter goodies. I'd rather be playing with photoshop, so they'll probably wait just a bit more.

One of my favorite things is to go buy fresh flowers for the yard. I'm thinking some marigolds for Phil, who loves their colors, and some mint for me, since it reminds me of home.

A few plans for the week:

 - finish up grades for interims, the last set of interims for this year!

 - finish up my goals' material for the final goal session/evaluation meeting

 - work on my photo journal cards

 - figure out this Facebook bit; I bet the "welcome for newbies" would be helpful to read!

 - take lots of photos

 - buy fresh berries

 - continue to catch up on my "Beyond Layers" work

 - watch "Dancing with the Stars"

 - and, of course, see my grands!




Currently...with a Mug Shot!

Apr12 109 copy
Gotta love it when life plays an unexpected joke. A few weekends ago, Phil and I went exploring in Staunton, VA. I enjoyed an iced chai here and then went outside to grab a shot for posterity. Well, turns out there are two puns here! The first being, that when I snapped the pic, I didn't realize that my "mug" was nearly smack dab in the middle. Then, I just blissfully typed: went outside to grab a "shot." Oh, dear!


...listening to sounds of folks getting up to be on their way

...drinking a cup of coffee perked in my mom's old coffeepot (Yeah, it's aluminum, but I grew up on coffee made in this pot.)

...wearing some comfortable gray capris with a funky grey and white top; thank you Chico's!

...feeling relaxed 'cause it's Saturday

...the weather is "almost" sunny, but the gray is peeking through, and they're calling for rain. Guess I'm appropriately dressed.

...wanting it to be summer vacation

...needing to declutter, destash, and create some serenity in this house

...thinking that I need to edit my photos, get them uploaded to Winkflash and Snapfish, so that I'm ready for those deals that pop up in my inbox

...enjoying the idea that I get to go bumming today


Mar2012 012 copy

Listening to early morning birdsong

Drinking my second cup of coffee in my dad's old mug; it gives me a connection that I've missed

Wearing a faded blue night gown

Feeling quite content and rested...I "slept in" until 7:30, a 2 hour difference for me

Weather: crisp spring morning, blanketed by a soft gray sky

Wanting a souffle from Panera but settling for a banana from my kitchen

Needing an artist's date...maybe to go look at goreous spring tables, full of color and texture or wandering through an antique mall

Thinking about playing with photos and working in my art journal

Enjoying meandering through blogs, gathering inspiration, and jotting down ideas!

I'm sharing this image with Focus 52, where Week 12's theme of minimalism has sparked quite a few ideas. I'm not quite there yet with this shot, but I'm on the jouney with ideas being noted for when I have a bit more play time!




Quoque Calida Nix Stella

Too warm to snow

...listening to early morning birdsong welcoming a hint of spring

...eating homemade nut roll, pure delciousness

...drinking freshly brewed coffee (NOT the blonde stuff from Starbucks, yuck!!!)

...wearing a black night gown with pink and purple flowers, which looks a whole lot better than it sounds

...feeling a bit anxious with a ton to do and sort out

...the weather is hinting at spring with gorgeous blue skies; I noticed the hydrenga has tiny green leaves unfurling!

...wanting to be back at "Art & Soul"

...needing to get this art room sorted and decluttered; there's still Art & Soul stuff needing its home

...thinking I need to finish up my photography prompt for the week and get it posted

...enjoying Saturday morning downtime and catching up on blogs

I created this page during Jill Berry's "Personal Geographies" class, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you scroll down to her pictures slide show, you can see two more of my pages.

Happy weekend!