Christmas Feed

All Wrapped Up!

Alex merry christmas_edited-1
This little one celebrated his first Christmas.


Christmas 2011 061
The presents? Nah...........not so much....

Christmas 2011 068
...but, that wrapping paper? Oh, oh, oh...what fun to be had!


Christmas 2011 076
All sorts of textures and sounds to immerse yourself in!


Christmas 2011 105
And, sometimes a fellow gets so wrapped up in the fun, that


Christmas 2011 111
he simply takes it with him.

P.S. The above pun? Blissfully intended!



I Wonder....

Dec 2011 108
...what this friendly fellow might be up to?


Dec 2011 110
Why, he's taking a bath, of course!

I adore Christmas creations, and I can happily wander about for hours viewing its decorations - from place settings at tables, to homemade ornaments, and more.

I love the "wonder" of Christmas, those moments that make me catch my breath with wonder and delight.

This fellow made me laugh aloud, and I spent several delightful minutes chatting with one of the shop owners as to how he came to be.

She and the fellow owner work very hard to capture the whimsy and delight of all the seasons. I really believe that both women have the mind of a child, and I mean that in the best of ways.

How many adults could see the potential in a rusted old tub? They've transformed it into something of sheer delight, don't you think?

Softly Glowing

Over here, you'll find many muses "glowing." I just spent several delightful minutes wandering through blogs, all "a glow." Just what my heart needed!

Dec09 204
I had great fun wandering through past December photos, and have to admit that these few are favorites.

Dec09 210
We'd found an old oblong sort of mirror in an antique shop and placed it along our table. We added our every growing collection of old blue Bell canning jars, some blue capacitators, some "snow," and some "crystals."

Dec09 206
Filled with candles, they made magic!

I've learned a lot since I shot these, coming a long way. So, while not my "best," definitely some of my favorites!


December 2011 070
I love to play along with photography prompts, especially with The Mortal Muses group. If you ever want a dose of eye candy, go visit. Along with the sheer delight of what I see, I learn so many ways to shoot the same object.

This little guy hangs on one of my sister's trees and he really does sparkle and make me smile. Quite a jaunty little fellow,isn't he?

The muses are celebrating 14 days of Christmas with a new prompt each day, and I know that I'll be reading, viewing, and playing along each day!

A Little Bit of Christmas Magic

December 2011 055
I really do love all the magic of Christmas....the decorations, the lights, the smells, ....I love it all.

I spent some time with my sister this past weekend and wandered about her house a bit, snapping shots of everything that made me smile.

And, quite by accident, I caught my own reflection.


Not Quite NYC

Dec10 639 
The man had a plan, and an awesome plan it was!

He ordered a pair of Bolt Bus tickets to take him and his sweetie to NYC.

He booked a hotel close to the theater district and Rockerfeller Center,'cause she'd always wanted to see the tree, the decorated windows, and .... as cheesy as it might be, the Rockettes.

He put the dog in the kennel so they could leave bright and early.


Mother Nature had other plans, as in a blizzard which caused Bolt Bus to cancel their ride.

And, so, they ventured to the beach, even though it was cold and snowy there as well.

Not quite NYC, it's a sleepy little beach. About all you can say is that it and NYC share the same coastline.

The kind folks at Comfort Inn upgraded the man and his sweetie to the "Presidential Suite" which normally runs for 4X as much as what they'd booked.

And, when they wandered back to their room this evening, after poking through antique shops, and taking photos of the beach, this is what met their eyes.

Life is good.

And...they will get to NYC soon. There might not be decorated windows and a large tree to see, but NYC has more than that to offer, and they'll see as much as they can.

The  man and his sweetie are enjoying the fireplace, the jacuzzi, and some wine.

Yup, life is good!

Good Enough

Dec09 225 
Reverb 10: December 10th Prompt: What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?


If you're paying attention to the dates on these prompts. you've realized that I am oh, so hopelessly behind, and that I'm not following any particular order.

I'm so not starting at point A, moving next to point B, and then on to C.

Nope. I'm hop, skipping, and jumping all over the place.

I'm doing what appeals to me, and I'm doing them when I have the time, and when I'm in the mood.

Guess what? The world has not ended. I'm doing what I can, when I can, and it's "good enough."

My home is just now starting to look like Christmas. I love Christmas, and I've always wanted to get my act together sooner. I can sit and wander through December magazines for hours. It's like making art - all the colors, the textures, etc.

But, I will absolutely, without a doubt, drive myself nuts if I attempt to recreate what I'm seeing.

There won't be any wonderfully crafted ornaments adorning the tree You know...those gorgeous ones made out of old sheets of music. There will be ornaments collected over the years, ornaments full of memories that make me grin. Some decorations aren't even going to see the light of day. I don't have the time or the inclination for them. But, you know what? It's all "good enough!"

I want to do it all, you know? Whether it's school, or my art, or my home. I want it to look like the pictures in the magazine, or in the newest art journal that everyone's raving over.

But, none of that...the pics in the magazine or the newest journaling style are quite me.

That test may not get completely rewritten, but some of it does, and it's an improvement. And, it's "good enough."

I didn't get my coworkers' gifts completely bought before today. So, instead, they'll get a present in January, something better suited to them rather than something bought to meet a self imposed deadline. Neither was mad, and both are looking forward to January. Good enough!

Most packages find their way into gift bags, or a quickly wrapped box. Some get the special treatment because I take time to play with what I wrap ribbon, lace, and who knows what to make it lovely. I enjoy it, but I just can't do them all this way. So, I enjoy the process of the few that get some extra attention, and I call it "good enough."

I haven't created my calendars for 2011 yet, but they'll get done over Christmas break, and they'll get to everyone early in January. Good enough!

The world hasn't ended. No one's mad. And, I'm not driving myself completely nuts. My blood pressure's where it needs to be. Good enough!

If I'm doing my best, it's "good enough."

Not perfect, but "good enough!"


Dec10 101 
Reverb10, Prompt 11: What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them?  How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

So..............I am so hopelessly behind! I could offer you lots of excuses as to why, but I suspect you don't really care!

1. More Art Supplies: Honestly, I have enough to open my own store. I really don't need more; I just don't.  See that pretty little jar above? It's proof positive. I needed an Advent Angel Gift and I really didn't go want to go out in the cold! So, I grabbed an Ikea jar that I no longer needed, some 1953 almanac pages ( I even found some that had to do with Advent!), some ribbon from last year, and a scrap of material left from my experiments with making a prayer flag. The only thing I needed? Some pretty Hershey Kisses to fill up the jar. I do reserve the right to replenish the basics...paper, paint, and gel medium, for example, but no more stuff. I'll have more space to work in and will most likely actually be able to find my stuff. Wow. Most of the stuff will simply be gifted to others.

2. Unwanted pounds. I keep packing them on, and, honestly, I do not want to have a heart attack. I want to be able to breathe when I walk up and down 4 or 5 flights of stairs. Here's to eating better and getting some exercise. It won't be easy. It won't be pretty. I will whine and feel sorry for myself, but I'm going to feel better. I know it.

3) My fear/loathing of going to the doctor's.  I hate it. The visit involves needles, taking some blood, being told what I need to do...see #2 above. I imagine I'll be acquiring some pills. So, I will learn to take better care of myself. I am watching one family member deal with uncurable cancer, and another with dementia. I can't stop this from happening to me, but I don't need to help it along. I've started already; I am heading to the doctor's on Thursday. You may well see a future post that involves whining. Please feel free to ignore it.

4) Clutter. I am not sure how two people came to own this much stuff. Goodwill and I are going to become good friends, really good friends. And, just maybe, like all of those art supplies, I will be able to find things.

5) Toxic people...they drag me down. We all can find so much to carp about. I end up feeling headachy, grumpy, and depressed. I need to be able to change the conversation or find a way to exit it.

6) A lack of sleep... I need to get to bed. I need to sleep. I need to realize that sometimes the papers awaiting correction can simply wait. I need to realzie that I can't do it all. I need to sleep; it goes with #2 above, 'cause guess what I do when I'm tired and stressed? I. Eat. Junk.

7) Well, I'm not so sure I'm liking this list. Getting rid of all these items ...uhm, I don't really want to. I need to, but I don't want to. Let's just say I'll do the best I can. I think the daily dose of Diet Coke/eg caffeine has got to at least diminish. Honestly, so does the amount of coffee somedays. So, I need to at least cut down. To be honest, I'm not sure how I'll do it. Baby Steps, I guess.

8) Sweets. Junk Food. No explanation needed. See above. Are you sensing a commond theme here? Me, too.

9) The lack of a savings account. I need an emergency fund. I need a safety net. I'll have a great deal less stress. I'll know the money is there if I "NEED" it. Enough said.

10) I'd love to say "Morning Duty" and "Lunch Room Duty, " but the boss isn't going to buy that one. Let's just say, I'll dream about it. Boy, could I get a ton more done! And, less stress? You bet!

11) Wasted food. Too much dies an untimely death in my refridgerator. I need to buy less. I need to get stuff into the freezer on a timely basis. I need to grabbing take out when I'm too tired to care. If I plan a bit better, I'll be eating better. See # 2 above. I'll have more money. See # 9 above. I will even have less clutter in my frig! See # 4 above. And, if I'm really lucky, the good doc will not be reading me the riot act. See #3 above.