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Strange Woman in Aisle 13

So...yesterday, my hubby asked me if I'd like to head toward Westminster to check out an antique mall. Seemed like a good way to spend one of my last days of summer vacation. A sort of final hurrah...

On our way, hubby blissfully added that the fact that you can find "Alphabets" there, and we would be stopping at that store.

Now, you need to understand that the man adores "Alphabets." Adores them. Relatives and friends have been advised to check out grocery stores in their areas, as well as any vacation spots.

Darling daughter orders them from Amazon (Yes, they're available through Amazon!) for Fathers' Day and birthdays.

The adventure began...

Aug12 003
Sure enough...only one tiny section, way on the bottom shelf, but there they stood in all their glory.

Well, I needed a photo of something "blue" for Focus 52, and this fit the bill. So, I grabbed my camera and began shooting under less than stellar conditions, but shoot away, I did.

Aug12 004
When I finally scrambled to my feet, I met the eyes of a store worker, one with a very quizzical look on her face. Was this woman taking pictures a corporate spy? Someone from a competing store? Or possibly, a whacko? She seemed to be leaning towards the last choice.

Notice the hubby had not given me one hint that this woman was standing there. Nope, he left me to explain it all.

Aug12 013
Smiling and babbling, I gushed out that this was a favorite childhood cereal, not to be found in Northern Virginia or anywhere nearby. I informed her that it could be found on Amazon, and that a coworker told us we could find it here, and that we were so excited.

Darling hubby (and I use that adjective loosely, mind you) still said not a word.

Aug12 014
She escorted walked with us to the checkout. Darling hubby quietly pointed out that her shirt color varied from the everyday personnel. In other words, she had power!

As we got into the car...with 6 boxes of this troublemaking cereal....he also pointed out that "he does not do bail," a phrase our children heard frequently.

Lovely man, huh?

Want to be I was conversational fodder for several folks yesterday?

Here's to August Break, Day 19!

There Be Monsters!

There Be Monsters

Painting with the oldest grand: washable finger paint on a cereal box and a bit of used copy paper...only the best materials! Discloser...this one's mine. He's supposed to be scarey, but looking at him now, I think he's more confused! (A self-portrait? Could be!) At any rate, I'm growing rather fond of him, will be keeping him, and quite possibly adding to him!

August Break: Day 17

Yes, I know it should be 19, but I'm playing catch up!


Nuts & Bolts

Walking along a jetty by Lake Erie, remembering to look down. Spotted some wild blueberries and this:

Aug12 046 copy
Thinking about the nuts & bolts of my life...what holds me up and keeps me in gear. Thinking that there's beauty in everything.

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August Break: Day 14

Joy in a Teacup

Aug12 067 copy

Every morning is a fresh beginning,

Every day is the world made new.

Today is a new day.

Today is my world made new.

I have lived all my life up to this moment, to come to this day.

This moment - this day - is as good as any moment in all eternity.

I shall make of this day - each moment of this day - a heaven on earth.

This is my day of opportunity.

                                                          Dan Custer

...Flowers spotted outside of a coffee shop in New York


August Break 2012

Saying "Yes"

Aug12 101

This made me smile when I spotted it today...the same shoreline of Lake Erie with the feathers. There were altars too, and I'll share those later.

I'm posting Day 10 of the August Break just a bit early; we're heading back to PA tomorrow. Six hours or so in the car with lots and lots of trees. Trust me, there are really lots of trees to be seen!

So, what are you saying "yes" to today? I hope it's too you one big precious wonderful life!


August Break 2012