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August Break 2012...Done!

So, I'm done; I did it. 31 photos posted during the month of August! And, I'm only one day late; not too shabby considering I've been back to teaching these last 2 weeks.

Ladies and gents, here's the finale:

Sept12 027
Linking up with Focus 52, where the theme is "signs," and I'm loving the signs at the Farmers' Market this morning - they're as colorful as the produce!

Quite a few of these lovelies followed me home by the way.



Almost There

Trying to finish up "August Break," which gets pretty funny when I go back to work the 3rd week of August. A break? Nope! More like trying to get my body somehow back into sync. At any rate I'm nearly there...the August Break, not getting my body into sync. That's a work in progress.

At any rate, do you see what I see?

Aug12 086 copy
I didn't see it at the time, being far too busy with trying to do justice to the gorgeous bits of driftwood strewn along the shores of Lake Erie.

I didn't see it then, but now I do. A torso, an arm, and a foot complete with toes. Love it!

Advice via Alex

I'm knee deep in my list of "to do" for school, and I've sadly neglected this blog. Thankfully, Alex volunteered to pass on some advice and get the "August Break" caught up!

VAC12 069
Get your hands dirty! It's a whole lotta fun!

VAC12 044
Eat dessert with both can get more into your mouth at once!


VAC12 055
Make your own fun. Possiblities exist everywhere. Trash really can be treasure!

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