August Break 2011 Feed

Taste Test

Aug2011 002 
Really, mom? PRUNES????? I can see your cookies over there.


Aug2011 011 
The trick I've to be sure to wear more than you actually ingest.


Aug2011 012 
Well, if I must, I must.


Aug2011 018 
Despite all my faces, I polished off every bit! Then, I tried to eat the wipe for dessert.


Oh, yeah....I exacted my revenge several hours later.


Aug2011 002 
I don't do creativity neatly.


Aug2011 003 
Doesn't look too bad..but, I've alerady cleaned up the mess.


Aug2011 004 
And, let me assure you; it was a dandy of a mess!


Aug2011 005 
Most supplies have been placed back in these drawers.


Aug2011 006 
I copied yesterday's photo and created 2 quick little journals for my sister and myself. Messy is good.

August Break 2011, Day 11