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Gutting the Journal

So, this lovely, sad to say, began to fall apart. As the saying goes, "I chose poorly," at least as far as the condition of the book. Dry brittle pages, even with the help of masking tape and gesso, do not lend themselves to artistic abuse.

January2012 001
Aided by that little blue exacto knife resting in the upper right corner, I carefully began to slice away the pages, leaving the spine intact.

Feb 2012 003
Next step: reinforce the spine with a bit of strong black paper.

Feb 2012 006
I pulled some hot press watercolor paper from my stash but didn't have quite enough. I added in a few sheets of heavy weight paper, and with the addition of some absorbent grounds, it works quite nicely. I sewed in several signatures with the basic 3 hole pamphlet stitch.

Feb 2012 004
Success, of a simply wanted to just splay open, so...

Feb 2012 007 lieu of a book press, several magazines and later, a bunch of paints, were stacked on top, and left for a few days to do perform their magic. I did manage to salvage the completed pages, but I can't see a way to make them part of the book. Maybe inspiration will strike?

The whole business, along with the business of life, stalled things for a bit. I've just really gotten back into the swing of things again, as far as the journaling itself goes. I'll share those in the next few days, but in the meantime, I'm getting ready for Art & Soul in VA.


Aug162011 094 
Goodbye, August Break.

It's funny, but taking away the pressure of having to "write" seems to have opened up the gates. So many times, I just wanted to write and write and write. All of a sudden, I had a lot to say! Funny how that works.

It seems fitting that this friendly little fellow bids you adieu. You see, he and I are a lot alike. We appear rather serene on the surface, but we're paddling like you know what underneath.

August Break 2011

Day 31

Just A Bit Out of Whack

Just a bit out of whack, or so I'm trying to convince myself. Our school opening has been delayed twice due to construction.

I am in a new room in a new building.

I don't know what my room looks like...a bit of a guess.

My classroom is in boxes in the old building.

School is to open on Thursday of next week.

I can't get in until Tuesday of next week.

The room needs to be ready by Wednesday at 3:30 for Open House.

I have a new social studies book and I've yet to see the teacher's editon.

Can you see why I forgot to post Day 29 of the August Break?

So, in order to channel just a bit of inner peace, I'll leave you with some more shots from Lake Erie.

Aug162011 225 

Aug162011 234 

Aug162011 235 


Beauty in the old and weathered.

Inspiration everywhere.

Thanks, Mother Nature.

August Break 2011

The forgotten day 29!

Into the Night

Over at The Kat Eye View of the World, "Share Your View, Night Photography," is rapidly coming to a close. Gorgeous, gorgeous shots from so many talented people. So much eye candy and so much to learn...

I have to confess, I don't do much night photography unless I'm at the beach and trying to capture those glorious sunsets. I've photographed the same bridge over and over. Sadly, that bridge was torn down this year as a new one tooks its place.

Dec10 714 
I'm using my telephoto lens here and in all of these, shooting from the third floor of a hotel that sits on the bay. It was a late December afternoon here, with that glorious light that signals the approach of evening.

Dec10 730 
Just a few minutes later and look at that shift in color and how the clouds are backlit. I love it, just love it...the colors changing before my eyes.

Dec10 731 
Really zooming in here, and the pace has picked up!

Dec10 755 
Nearly there, and such a gorgeous shilouette.


Dec10 761 
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...all within a few minutes, worth every minute of shivering on the balcony, wishing I had my tripod.

August Break 2011

Day 30

Liberate Your Art - Postcard Swap

1020 pieces of art

170 participants

37 U.S. states

13 countries

2 homes

1 swap


I participated in Kat's "Liberate Your Art" postcard swap. You can find the blog hop here. I loved getting these gorgeous cards in the mail. The fact that they spread themselves out over a few weeks added to the fun!

Image (2) 
From Angela - I'm yearning for that lucious red box!


Image (7) 
Anita sent this lovely - one of my favorite flowers.


Kelly's lucious pears!


From Kat herself - care to go for a spin?


Abstract love!

August Break 2011

Day 28

Watching Irene

Aug142011 014 
At one time she graced the prow of a ship, and then the halls of the Naval Academy. Now, she watches over a harbor on St. Michael's in MD.

Aug142011 010 
I wonder what she's thinking as Hurrican Irene bears down on us.

August Break 2011

Day 26

Mother Nature and Monsters!

Aug2011 169 
Don't you love him? I do! He can be found in a state park near Pokomoke, VA. He quite entranced me.

Now, that being said, Mother Nature is having a fit this week. We began with a whole lot of shaking going on. You know - that infamous east coast earthquake. Now, we're awaiting the wrath of Irene...a whole lot of rain and wind, some flooding, and more than likely, the loss of electricity. Makes you wonder what's next, huh?

Keep safe everyone!

August Break

Day 25

Ugly Frogs

Aug2011 007 
It began as a joke and just exploded from there! My daughter collects frogs, you see.

Flip back a few years to Black Friday. My oldest and I wandered through Hobby Lobby, checking out Christmas ornaments. We came across the tackiest bride and groom frog ornamens and just lost it. After turning red from laughing, we knew they needed to be in his sister's stocking.

And, then, it became a contest. Everywhere we went, my husband and I battled it out to find the ugliest frog. The "winning" frog was gleefuly purchased and presented to our daughter.

Eventually, we realized that we simply could not keep buying the things, even though my husband tried to coax me into several, stating that no one else would buy them, and I personally would become responsible for a frog being homeless. (I was presented with a truely tack penguind ornament operating on the same theory.)

At any rate, we eventually just began to photograph them. I think this guys a winner, don't you?

Want to see the rest of him?

Aug2011 008 
August Break 2011

Day 23