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The Gifts of Ordinary Days


A low long roll of thunder woke me this morning, and I instinctively snuggled deeper into the covers, listening to the rain, perfectly content. Eyes finally adjusting to the darkness - no morning light dancing across the hardwood floors today - I ventured downstairs to grab my coffee, being careful not to be waylaid by a lurking cat, desperate to join me in bed.

Back upstairs to light a candle, sit and meditate in the morning's silence, and offer up my prayers and thoughts for the day. Morning pages written, I treated myself to more coffee and a podcast.

Yesterday, I wore my cranky pants all day, no special reason, just out of sorts. I had meant to clean the house, do some writing, edit some photos. Nothing on this list got done; I spent the day curled up, doing crossword puzzles, Suduku puzzles, and getting lost in the maze otherwise known as the interwebs. I know that each day gives its own gifts, but I had a hard time finding them yesterday. I can see them now, but yesterday? Yesterday seemed to be a lost cause.

Last Saturday, though? Just a perfectly ordinary, beautiful day, full of gifts and tiny ordinary miracles. Saturday was the kind of day that feeds my soul.

Most weekends we have the twits, often together, and we've learned to get them outside and moving whenever we can. Ages 5 1/2 and nearly 8, they each possess the energy of an atomic bomb. After tooling around in Twit#1's car, helping Grandpa to gather sticks to be burned, digging for rocks (Our yard is the mother lode of rocks; the boys seem to be constructing a funeral pyre of rocks, and we're not sure who/what is going to be sacrificed!), the natives showed signs of restlessness, with tiny spats rising to the surface.

Out came the corn hole boards and beanbags...perfect! Each twit had his own board and supply of bean bags, so no need to wait for his turn. After a few reminders that we did not want to hear competitive counting, we let them at it.

Sitting in the shade, watching the light skittering across the yard, I shot photo after photo and simply enjoyed watching them play.

Placing a stick in the grass to serve as the throwing spot, the fun began. Twit#2, a bit unhappy with the reminders to stand behind the stick, indulged in a bit of problem solving, grinned at us, and moved the stick closer to the corn hole boards!

Eventually tiring of throwing straight at the board and creative counting - Twit#2 had reached Googleflex20 after all, the next level of fun began. Facing away from the boards, they thew the bean bags without looking to see if they could earn some points. A bit later, the corn hole boards got upended and leaned against a tree to serve as a basketball hoop of sorts. Let me tell you, dribbling bean bags takes some skill!

Still later, the boards found themselves serving as soccer goals, and when we eventually went inside, they became - along with the couch cushions and a few blankets, the perfect walls for a fort. I loved watching the natural progression of ways to use the corn hole boards, and I wondered why, as adults, we can't hold onto this sort of "outside the box" thinking that often happens so naturally in kids.

The day ended with catching fire flies and marveling at the tiny light shows.

Very little TV or electronic devices crept into the day; instead, good physical play, lots of creative thinking, and a ton of laughter. Each of us simply enjoyed the moments as they came, no real plans or structure in mind. It all seemed so perfect...sun light, no humidity, simple meals, and so much fun.

So, today. Today will be the cleaning I didn't do yesterday, as I indulged in sulking and crankiness. The herb stuffed pork roast will get popped into the oven right after Phil comes home. I'll indulge in writing out some snail mail - I love writing and sending real mail! I'm sure a few puzzles will get worked, some art made, some reading done.

But most of all, I'll focus on what's good and right with my life today; the cranky pants lie buried under some dirty laundry.

I don't plan on getting back to them any time soon.



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