Yeah, I'm That Lady...

Orange peel 2

Yeah, I'm that lady -

You know, the one who plays with her food.

But, it's for a good cause, truly it is. Because, you see, I was "on assignment." As in a "Photography Assignment."

I love participating in on line photo groups; they stretch my brain. They keep me thinking "outside the box." (Phil says I need no help what so ever in "thinking outside the box.")

My assignment? Skin. And it had to connect with nature.

I decided I was so not going with my own skin, too common. Too "inside the box."

And, besides, previous photo classes taught me all about surrogates, as in something that could stand in form me.So, I need something else that had skin; I also need inspiration.

Off to the computer to do some research, being very careful what I typed into my friend, Mr. Google.

Very, very careful. Talk about a loaded word.

Deciding that a dictionary/thesaurus would be a good place to start, I partnered with Mr. Google, and soon learned that besides being "the natural protective body covering and the site of sense and touch," it could also mean "bark," "surface," "pelt or hide." It could also mean "struggle or scrape" as well as "living aliveness."

"Peel or pare" got my attention. I had apples. I had oranges. I had knives.

Off I went, deciding I was hungrier for the orange.

Then the fun began...

I arranged my peels on cloth and on plates. I fussed and fiddled with them, looking for the most interesting bits.

And, I took a ton of shots with my Iphone's native camera as well as the Hipstamatic App. Let me tell you, I got some real duds. Some perfectly ugly pictures.

But, I'm kind of liking the one above, being in love with the colors and the textures. It intrigues me, and partly, it amuses me.

After all, to be perfectly honest, I am posting a photo of garbage. But, it's such interesting garbage!

Now, it just needs a clever name, and I have to fess up that I don't have a clue at the moment. If you do, please let me know, okay?



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