Lessons from the Milkman
What's Not Wrong?

No Real Hurry

Space walk

I want to dance along this path

until I arrive at

that place where

the earth kisses the sky,

but not too quickly, please.


Because, you see

there is so much magic along the way

and I need to inhale it all,

let it mingle in my mind and soul.


I want to drink it in greedily,

swirl it in my mouth,

and encourage it to linger on my taste buds.


I've learned there's no real hurry

to arrive at my destination,

and that I will be taking the byways

and back roads

that meander through sleepy old towns,

stopping for picnics along the way,

watching the bees gathering pollen

and the butterflies nectar.


No, there's no hurry,

none at all.

But when I do arrive

I'll turn and look back

one last time

and simply smile in awe

before I tumble into

a brand new space.




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