Carried by the Surprise

Sharing My Soul


I write.

I photograph.

I create art.

Each and everyone of the above feeds my soul.

Each and everyone of the above shares my soul, my life, my everyday moments, and life's big moments.

And, all of them co-exist happily in my journals.

They're everywhere, it seems. Tucked into drawers, waiting by my bedside, and piled in huge Rubber Maid containers.

One or two live in my purse; often there's one in the car. The list of where you might find one goes on and on.

These photos only show the tip of the iceberg.


So many of them....

 - store bought ones

 - hand made ones

 - ones created from old manila folders

 - another created from an old school directory

 - others created from security envelopes, sporting bright covers made from Trix Cereal boxes

 - some made in classes I've taken, covered with hand made paste papers and showing off gorgeous bindings complete with beads


They're fat, sassy, and full of color, although there's a token one that's simply black and white.

Some have been published; others are just for me.


No matter the size, shape, or cost of the materials, they have one thing in common.

I use them.

I use them to:

 - sort out my thoughts

 - record the good, the bad, and the ugly

 - create "To Do" lists

 - experiment with new art materials

 - to glue in bits and pieces of everyday life: ticket stubs, id tags, candy wrappers, banana stickers, business cards


Some pages are mini works of art. Others just sort of exist.

And, most of all, many share my soul.


They're a compilation of me and my life, and they're as necessary to me as the air I breathe.


I took the above photos with my Iphone 5, using the Hipstamatic App. No further editing was done. And, as mentioned above, the journals represent just a small part of the total collection.




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