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Jan16 047

"The very fact of snow is such an amazement." - Roger Ebert

I've just said my goodbyes to Twit #1, and silence fills my house. Gone are the shrieks from spotting the first flakes come tumbling down. The piles of snow gear - hats, mittens, pants, boots, and more - have vanished. Things are settling back to normal, and I really do miss my guy.

Ebert nailed it, snow is indeed such an amazement, especially when seen through the eyes of a 7 year old boy. And, the retired teacher in me stills delights in snow days.

I'm blessed, I know. I didn't have animals to feed, other than one contented fat gray feline, I didn't need to be anywhere, most especially work. The furnace continued to heat our home, and the power - thank you, God, - remained on. At night, we indulged in a fire, watching the flames dance, and listening to their snap, crackle, pop.

Jan16 082

He built forts, both inside and out. Couch cushions pulled down with nests of blankets from which to watch tv. Toy helicopters buzzed through my dining room, while he and his dad partnered up to shoot it down, while Sheba (that fat cat mentioned earlier) watched in amazement. Superheroes came to rest here, there, and everywhere, and in the true spirit of snow days, I ignored them all. Snow crusted clothing tumbled through the washer and dryer on a regular basis. He checked in with mommy via cell phone and filled her in on all the doings.

Jan16 090

Snow angels dotted the landscape, and he wielded a large yellow shovel with sheer determination, giggling at the results...snow flying through the air, sometimes landing right back on him. Red cheeked with Rudolph's glowing nose, he denied being cold and begged to stay out longer. And, so we did, both of us shivering but happy, knowing hot chocolate and warm blankets waited inside.

It's been magical, these past 3 days in our snow globe world.

I wouldn't mind doing it all over again!




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