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The Gift of Putzing Around


Like so many of us, I'm rethinking Christmas a bit, trying to figure out the parts I really love and want to keep, and then tossing the ones that no longer really appeal. Some got tossed since the only reason they existed were someone else's expectation of the "shoulds" of Christmas.

I'm not a mall person, and big box stores overwhelm me. I walk out of both with a headache. So, Amazon and I continue to strengthen our relationship! The buying of gifts focused on my beloved twits.

In between bouts of household members with the flu, I spent time this week in my studio creating what I hope are gifts that will be treasured. Photographs I've taken become books of the year's memories. One special photo got sent off to be framed and then given to people I love.

Over the summer, Phil grew and dried herbs, along with creating herb infused olive oils. I recycled glass jars with wonderful shapes, sterilized them, spray painted the lids gold, and filled them with those oils. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! They smell and taste wonderful.

Earlier this week, I packed them into the baskets you see here, deciding yesterday that the baskets were missing something.

Back into the studio, digging through my stash, and pulling out old ledger paper, stencils, paint, and just a bit of glitter. I happily putzed the day away, creating the stars in snatches of time, doing other things as the various stages dried before I could take the next step.

I smiled as I inserted the center "jewels." I have some of my mom's old jewelry - costume jewelry gleaned at thrift shops and yard sales. No monetary value, but memories ...oh, yes. So many memories. Most of the earrings, I'd never wear. They're clips, not pierced, and most are dated as far as style goes. But, I never could toss them, knowing that at some point, I'd use them in some way.

Yesterday, two pairs got taken apart and became part of the stars. The recipients of the baskets knew and loved my mom dearly, and I think they will treasure the stars for years to come.

The making of these gifts have given me hours of pleasure; creating always does.

And, I hope and think, the gifts will carry joy to their recipients.

All made slowly over time in bits and pieces; all of them made with a great deal of love.



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