And It's Pouring Out There
In the Company of a Remarkable Woman

Autumn's Bits and Pieces


I paused for some "Me" time this morning, to go outside and breathe in autumn's magic. I don't get outside enough, easily getting lost in my studio, playing with paint, paper, and glue.

And, every summer, unless I can stick my toes into the ocean, I tend to hide from the heat and humidity. Even then, I hit the beach in the early hours of the morning, or late afternoon and evening. Yes, I am a heat and humidity wimp; I fully embrace that title!

But, now, I think, nature's at her best. Cool, crisp days, glorious colors and textures, all mixed in with scents of apples and pumpkins.

So, I made myself a promise to get outside more, to begin walking again, or at least to sit on the front stoop and enjoy my coffee or tea for a few minutes.

I took the scissors out with me this morning, and I snipped scented herbs and geranium leaves. I cut a few twigs from a tree just beginning to claim her colors. And, if you could ask my mother, I picked some weeds...some poke berries and something white, tucked in among a few trees. I confess to being a great admirer of weeds.

Back inside, I grabbed a vintage blue canning jar and began to play, mixing it all up into some magical. Back outside for a few more pieces to round it out.

Isn't it gorgeous...bits and pieces of autumn's magic to bring inside?



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