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I adore learning; I always have and hopefully, I always will. There's just so much out there I'm interested in, and I know I won't have time to begin to do it all.

I grew up in the 50s and 60s; there was pretty much three main ways of learning back in those "olden days." You read. You listened. You wrote. The words "differentiation" and "learning style" had yet to rear (their sometimes ugly) heads. Being a visual person, overall I was a pretty happy camper in school since most people taught the way I learned.

But I'm shifting, finally figuring out that the "doing" is key. Unless the doing begins, not much happens, at least externally. So, I'm quite literally learning to get out of my own head, and trying to get what's in my darn head out into my art.

The researching of it all, the learning about the topic keeps me happy for hours on end. I buy books; they're underlined, they're written in, they're tabbed with post it notes in all sorts of bright cheerful colors. Because, I like color and lots of it, as if you couldn't tell from the spread above!

I began these pages in a recent class with Kelly Kilmer. We happily went through magazines and newspapers, tearing out what appealed to us. No rhyme. No reason. Just rip out what appeals. Both these images came out of Somerset Studio. After building the backgrounds, I glued down the images.

And then? The images sat. They sat for a week or so, because I didn't yet understand the appeal. I worked on other pages in the meantime, continuing to build backgrounds and to glue even more images down.

I listened to podcasts on creativity as well, and I read and reread The Little Spark by Carrie Bloomston, happily underlining and tabbing pages. See...the learning, the research...yeah, I'm a bit of a nerd that way.

Carrie writes, "There is only one way to achieve the fluency, freedom, and grace of the expert, and that is by doing."

Oh. That fluency I so sadly bemoaned in my last post.

In my head, I knew I needed to get moving, not just happily reading.

And, I began to look at the images...on the left the girl with her pile of "How To" books, and across from her, the woman with the guide map that will tell her just how to do what she's wanting to do. And those words...lost in her longing to understand.

My subconsciousness apparently knows a good deal more than I want to admit.

Sometime, you just need to get out of your own head and DO. Do something. Do anything.

You will...or at least I will...create some pretty ugly crud. But, at times, you will create pretty cool stuff. And, it's only stuff, so I can just toss it, leave it so that I will remember it's okay not to make magnificent art all the time, or I can even paint over it. So many possiblities!

And, at least it will be cool to me, and quite honestly, I've pretty much had it with trying to please every one else. Never could do that. Someone was always ticked off. Always!

I'm journaling with Lisa Sonora's Flow, a free 30 Day Journal Project. The journaling is basic right now; it's not good writing, but I'm getting down some ideas. The pages are pretty only because I'm writing directly over top of images that appeal to me.

I didn't much like the pages created, but I realized after a few days, that they are worth their weight in gold.

They are a whole treasure chest of ideas and bits and pieces waiting to be told in story form. Cool beans!

So -

 - I'm showing up.

 - I'm journaling pretty pages in bits and snatches.

 - I'm journaling some basic pages, ones that have secret treasures to be unearthed later.

 - I'm still enjoying the reading and researching, but I am beginning to get out of my own head.

Lord knows, it gets pretty crowded in there sometimes.



Love this post. Love your pages and honesty. ♡.


OMG... I could have written this same post about me!!! I do way too much research... on EVRYTHING... and way too little doing. This just may be the kick in the pants that I need.

Ann Passmore

Why is it so difficult to DO?? Are imaginative people also researchers? I lie awake at night making the most amazing stuff in my head. During the daylight hours I spend hours marvelling at the wonderful stuff everybody else has made. I too am trying to DO. It really is time for a sketchbook...

Kathy M

This is so odd. I just fell into your blog from a pin showing your art journal from a couple of years ago, and then jumped forward to your current stuff. I am you, or you are me, or both? The inside of your head is crowded because a lot of us are in there and you are in ours? Reading you was like listening to my own internal dialogue.I will continue reading, both back and forward, please continue writing. Now I will go to my art table and "do" instead of reading. Thanks again for writing.

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