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Hands Out of Your Pockets!


Here's to Day 4 of walking! I've been needing to move this body of mine. I know it and friendly advice givers have reiterated it...several times. Mother Nature's provided glorious weather, so no more excuses. I'm hoping for enough of this weather to create the habit; knowing my own inclinations, let's just say that things will go much more smoothly if Ma Nature continues to co-operate. Even though I am thoroughly enjoying it, I can come up with excuses to not walk far too easily.

So, I'm walking. A few more minutes and a few more steps each day. I'm a bit sore, but it's nothing really. Just the devil on my shoulder urging me to "Rest a bit. Take a day off."

And, I'm looking for color, looking for spring. I've spotted a few crocuses, a few snow drops in a world of brown. But the sky has been stunning, inviting me to look up, relax, and breathe it in.

Most days, I meet one or both parts of a lovely elderly couple. Yesterday, they were both out walking - rather slowly, tentatively up a hill. I stopped to chat for a bit; they both smiled beautifully, and the woman grinned at me and said:

"I keep telling him - hands out of your pockets. Stand up straight and watch where you're going so you don't fall down."

Not bad advice on all counts.

Stand up and pay attention; look at the beauty that surrounds you.

Hands out of your pockets; look alive!

And, oh, yes, always watch where you're going. In my case, stop looking up, even though the sky is simply gorgeous.

Or, at least, stop and then look up!

I grinned at the man and advised, "Better listen!"

He grinned back, rather cheekily, and I sensed she had a bit of a losing battle on her hands.

I'll keep walking, and before I know it, spring will throw at me all the color she possibly can. So much so, that I really won't know where to look.

In the meantime, I'm bringing the color inside.


A few fallen tulip petals next to an old blue mason jar. I'm not scooping them up, not just yet. They still have beauty to share, to make me smile.

And, do you remember Annie, my ever so slightly confused Christmas Cactus? Well, she's in full bloom...


...gloriously, fully in bloom, alive with color. Thanks, Mom!


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