All Together Now
Satisfaction Overload

Bits and Pieces


Bits and Pieces make the best art; they really do.

There's no hoped for outcome, other than just hoping something a bit magical happens, and it almost always does.

Scraps on the art table, scraps on the art floor. Leftover play from painting with the paper + cheap paint still equals magic.

I'm just playing, moving scraps here and there, sometimes covering up the entire page, sometimes leaving space for writing. It's a rare page that doesn't have some writing on it. I seem to have a lot to say. I always did!


More bits and pieces...squares punched from art magazines. (All that gorgeous color and pattern and besides, those magazines aren't cheap!) A leftover practice stamp on ledger paper, one of those "Let's see what happens." moments. Some paint smeared to pull it together and then a bit of doodling, just because.


This page just pops, doesn't it? The background began in one of Seth Apter's perfectly awesome classes.  Leftover paint, stencil prints made to clean off excess paint, add some more stencils, doodle a bit, add a pop of white here and there...sheer absolute fun. The page began in Seth's class, and I added to it over these past several weeks with no direction in mind. Just play. Just tons of fun. The bird image comes from an old issue of "Flow" magazine, and somehow fit perfectly. I cut the grass from the same magazine, but ended up liking the backside more, so that's what you see here.

And, now, I'm off to do a bit of collage on my deck of cards, a perfect afternoon activity for a somewhat rainy Friday afternoon.



Absolutely love the freedom, spontaneity and looseness that is evident in all these pages!!

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