We Had A Plan
He Caused a Bit of a Ruckus

Captivated by a Bucket

Oct14 112

Resting atop the wooden post

Seemingly insignificant

I suspect you have stories to tell

You captiviated me

Maybe because like me

You're just a bit worse for the wear

Battered with some rusty bits

Yet, I watched sunlight dance across you

With shadows of leaves creating patchwork patterns

And for some reason

Another poet's words echo

In this monkey mind of mine

"So much depends

On a red wheelbarrow..."

Because, I'm sure

Much depends, as well, on you being there as well

And, I'm wishing

We could sit and share our stories

While resting in the October sun


Note: The words quoted are from William Carlos William's "The Red Wheelbarrow," long a favorite of mine.


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