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We Had A Plan

Oct14 031

We had a plan yesterday; indeed, we did!

And here it is:

  • shop for remaining groceries
  • visit Barnes & Noble
  • do laundry
  • edit photos
  • work on chopping the tree that fell down last winter into pieces

The plan seemed do-able, and we did get off to a great start


  • completed the grocery shopping
  • visited Barnes & Noble

And, then Mother Nature intervened; if she hadn't gifted us with such an outstanding example of Indian Summer, I know we would have completed our plan. We had "PURPOSE!"

Truly, it's all her fault, and we are never ones to waste a gift.

So, we:

  • drove to Delaplane, VA
  • visted Barrel Oak Winery and completed our tastings
  • bought two bottles of wine
  • shot tons of photos
  • drove to Stribling Orchard
  • bought Stayman apples to dehydrate
  • backtracked to a second winery that we passed on the way to Stribling
  • completed another tasting
  • bought 2 more bottles of wine
  • shot more photograps
  • relaxed in the late summer sun
  • drove to Marshall Diner
  • consumed the greasiest and most awesome patty melt
  • meandered home

Wow! I just realized that we actually accomplished about 3X more than the original list.

Go, us!

P.S. Just so you know, laundry is in progress today, and I am editing photos. I also spent over an hour photographing the shadow patterns created by our laundry basket. Got some pretty cool shots, too!





Claudia Van Gee

Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Kim Mailhot

Life is what happens when youre busy making plans, and how sweet a life it can be! Sounds like you were both exactly where you were supposed to be !
Happy Weekend !

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