IKEA Catalog Wisdom

Oct14 073

She stands tall

Her face basking in the warmth of the sun

A woman comfortable in her own skin

Not afraid to honor a place

Others have abandoned

After all

A bit of wildness resides in her soul


While in Cambridge, New York, I spent quite a bit of time on my knees, crawling through weeds. Seemingly abandoned tracks, a tiny alley full of weeds and Queen Anne's Lace, it completely captivated me.

I have always loved this flower, despite my mother's adamant protests that I had been picking weeds. There's something to be said for weeds, I think. Most survived despite our best intentions to kill them. They just keep coming back, not a bad quality, this persistence.

I did a bit of research this morning; Queen Anne's Lace thrives nearly anywhere, only requiring full sun. She is said to symbolize a woman comfortable in her own skin, and she is at heart a wild carrot.

It all seemed to come together for me.




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