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Sunday Morning Musings

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Outside my window a beautiful autumn day wants me to come out and play. Cool breezes, fluffy white clouds - just utterly gorgeous!

I am thinking about pumpkins, browns, and golds...Indian corn, red leaves, and everything that is fall. Enough of the heat; I really don't want to see it return. No thank you!

I am thankful for my two grandsons. Their energy means life. Nothing is in order; chaos reigns at times. But there is also laughter and memory making going on.

From the kitchen, the dishwasher does its thing.

I am wearing shorts and a white shirt - living dangerously since I hope to be painting in my journal soon. Yikes!

I am creating...will be creating...some journal pages and some love notes to go out into the mail this week.

I just finished reading The 9th Girl by Tami Hoag, and it kept me up until about 2 am this morning, so that I could finish it.

I am going to be babysitting Alex this week since his Granny is off to the beach. There will be painting, mixed media art making, books read, kinetic sand to be played with, and creating nests of blankets and pillows. I'm sure that we will also be watching the phases of the moon.

I am hoping to get a few more drawers and closets cleaned out this week. Lots of work and it's generally not visible, but I smile each time I open one or the other.

I am hearing a train whistle off in the distance, and it brings back such funny memories of the ever so slow trains Denise and I  watched go by while in NY.

Around the house lie legos, toy cars, wood pieces glued together, all evidence of one of the grands in residence.

One of my favorite things is cream puffs. I thoroughly enjoyed some last night, and I will gladly confess that they were dinner. Not healthy for my body, but defintiely healthy for my soul!

Note: The photo is of Delaplane Vineyards in VA; I was there a week ago today, and hope to get back when the leaves begin to turn. It should be gorgeous!



Paula Bogdan

Thank you, Bev. Its a fun little thing to do, and its quite a bit of fun to go through past ones and see where I was at that moment in time. Thanks for the mention on your blog!

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