I Didn't Even Kill Them
Saying Yes to the Moment

I Carry...

Sept 14 173 copy 2

I carry with me...

  • memories of playing hide n go seek with a magnificent white egret
  • salty kisses
  • sand encrusted toes
  • the call of the loon
  • late night talk fests
  • the taste of a perfectly made crab cake
  • conch shells tumbling to shore
  • mirrored sunsets in the marsh
  • running the mosquito gauntlet
  • nibbling cheese, sipping wine
  • tiny crabs scuttling along the shore, playing catch me if you can
  • the siren song of the surf
  • basking in autumn sunshine, just watching life
  • golden afternoon light among the pines
  • percolating bubbles left behind by receeding waves
  • dreams of powder blue typewriters waiting to go home with me


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