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Photo Heart Connection - July 2014

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You really can't see their faces, but their bodies tell timeless stories - mother and child, summertime, beach time, and the list goes on.

All of that and more is wrapped up for me in this photo. A little boy who truely is a beach baby, plunging into the waves, shrieking with glee. A little boy who made it his personal mission to cover up the left behind wave foam with bits of sand, and who worked timelessly to do so, no matter how many times the waves undid his efforts.

A little boy who picked up a discarded cigarette package, handed it to his mother, and said, "Trash, mommy. This doesn't belong here."

A little boy discovering the joys of digging holes and building your own personal fortress.

And, I see a connection between these two loves of my life. A mom who, realizing that her child needed more than she could give him at the moment, dug fearlessly for answers, reached out for help, and didn't stop fighting for what her son needed.

A mom, who when handed the diagnosis of autism for her boy, blinked momentarily, and then plunged back into research, programs, etc. and provided what he needed.

A mom who realizes that a label does not define her child, and a mom who will not let that label define her child.

A mom who constantly encourages her son to use his words, who will explain what is going to happen next so that her boy can cope with the changes.

Can you figure out that I am beyond proud of this young woman?

And, so I see, a connection, a telling of secrest maybe, or it could be just talking about what they are seeing...maybe the tiny fish swimming to and fro.

I see love.

I see strength.

And, I think I've captured more than beach memories here.

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