And on the Third Day...
Photo Heart Connection - July 2014

My Apolgies, Cherry Ames


Dear Cherry Ames,,

I loved you growing up...just loved reading about you and your adventures!

I think part of it was that you were a brunette. An honest-to-goodness brunette, just like me, in a world of blond heroines. It wasn't until many years later, with the help of a good stylist, that I ever could hope to be blonde.

So, there you were, something to strive toward; a woman, seemingly on her own, having great adventures. (Had a great chuckle, rereading some of the titles...department store nurse? Not in this day and age.)

I nervously chewed on my fingers, reading page after page, nervous to see you graduate and get your first job. Now, really, what was I thinking? There were 20+ other books in the series! Honestly, you were going to graduate, and I could have saved myself some anxious moments. Oh, but you drew me in.

For the longest time, I aspired to be you. I wanted that crisp white uniform; I wanted to earn my nursing cap. I even became a candystriper (a now extinct species, I think) in my ever so perky (ever so ugly) red and white striped uniform with my very own cap.

But, Cherry, I'm sad to say, that somewhere along the line, reality set in; I discovered that I hated needles, and that vomit induced the same in yours truely. I began to set my sights in a different direction, despite my father's pleas, that "I would always have a job."

And, Cherry, just in case you were wondering if I should rethink nursing as a new career, now that I'm retired from teaching...

Well, no. A huge resounding, "NO!"

I've spent the last several days tending to my sweetie after his knee operation. I couldn't have asked for a better, less demanding patient. There wasn't even much blook and no vomit! But still..

I just didn't like it. I absolutely love the patient, and I did it because I love him and want to see him well. Mind you, I have a huge respect for and am grateful for those who nurse, but...

But, not me!.

Sorry, Cherry, but that's the way it is.



P.S. The artwork has nothing to do with you, Cherry. Just a bit of fun and play on an an index card in between bouts of "nursing." Far more appealing.


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