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Gaining a Sister


Family is such a funny thing; we define it so many ways...and rightfully so. It's fluid, ever changing, never quite the same.

This story begins, as so many stories do, with a divorce and then, years later, remarriages. And, as so many divorces are, it was a bitter one. Family ties seemingly permanently broken.  The years went by, and rumors continued to fly - a half sister? Could be. Seemed to be.

And, just a few weeks ago, the half sister began to investigate, and God bless her courage, extended her hand in friendship. A new connection formed, emails and phone calls flying back and forth. Because whatever happened you see, belongs in the past, or at least with the people who wrote that particular story. And with this sister comes a host of step sisters and brothers, along with their families. None of these folks wrote the story; they are simply products of it, and bear no fault in it. And, even if they had, well, it's time for forgiveness. Life is just too short for it to be otherwise. That being said, Phil and I definitely need to sketch out a family tree to begin to get it all straight! (A joyful task to be sure!)

And, there's a bonus, because along with new connections, come the reconnections. The two men, cousins, in the photo above hadn't seen each other in 50 some years. George and his lovely wife, Stephanie, live fairly close by, and I would bet our paths have crossed over the years, with all of us, none the wiser.

We spent last Saturday together, swapping tales, laughing, looking at old pictures, sharing a meal. Each of us hated to see the evening end, and we're looking forward to many more visits.

So, thank you, Patti Bogdan Hance, for reaching out to us. We're so glad to get to know you, and we hope to add your photo to our family collection soon.

Thank you Stephanie and George for making the trip to see us and for making it so easy to connect. Stephanie, the photos are such a gift to us.

Welcome to our family!





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