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So, This Was June

July14 004 copy

Somewhere in all the mess of these past few months, my art got lost. Went astray. Could not be found. And, that ...well, that's a crying shame, because my art, whether it's photography, collage, or mixed media is my respite.


July14 005 copy

Suddenly, out went the excuses. By midJune I exited my classroom responsibilites...summer arrived and so did my retirement. But, when you don't use a skill, you get pretty rusty. UGH!

July14 006 copy

I needed to start small, to start simple. To get back on the bike and learn to peddle. Supplies pretty much overflowed in the studio,  so telling myself or anyone else that I needed more "stuff" wouldn't cut it.


July14 007 copy

So, I signed up for Tammy Garcia's ICAD Project... or an "index card a day. Index cards solve a lot of problems and free you up to just create. They're cheap, so eliminate the worries about ruining your "good supplies." They're readily available, so no need to go hunt down the "Perfect Supply," which is only to be found at an art store not near you.  They're small, so they don't require a lot of time...5 minutes will do it, thought I must confess to getting lost in the process and spending an half hour on a card.

July14 009 copy

Tammy provides prompts which can be delivered right to you door, so to speak, via email.  I rarely followed them - no paritcular reason why, I just didn't. Starting my day with coffee and making art is a pretty awesome deal. No need to even get out of my jammies.

July14 010 copy

I'm pretty much all over the place...acrylics, watercolor, colored pencils, collage, art scraps from the table. No precious supplies were harmed in the making of any of these cards. Not many, if any, make for "great" know, the kind that gets a spot on the museum walls. Some are not worth much of anything as far as money goes, but I learned from each and every one, even if the learning was all about what NOT to do! Mostly, they just make me happy. I enjoy learning. I enjoy creating. I LOVE MAKING ART!



Beautiful cards! Congrat's on retirement, although teachers never really retire!

Glenda Hoagland

Hello my dear, dear friend. Congratulations again on your Retirement and welcome to ICAD. It is so much fun. I am so looking forward to seeing your art. Take care and have a wonderful summer.

Mary Muir

I thought I signed up and I do get people cards in the feed but I do not receive any prompts each day what do you do to get tat and then where do you go to post a card

Cindy McMath

Ooh, these are all wonderful! I really love your sense of colour and composition!

Paula Bogdan

Thank you, Cindy! I had a great deal of fun playing...still feel rusty but its beginning to come back to me. I enjoyed visiting your blog just that face!

Paula Bogdan

Hi Mary,
I think the sign up is on the original information page which Tammy links to on her blog. The trick is to be sure to confirm that you want get an email after signing up asking you to confirm. I think the prompts come at the beginning of each week...its once a week, not daily. You can also link to the prompts on Tammys home page. Good luck in finding them!

Paula Bogdan

Thank you, Glenda, for all the good wishes. The retirement will really hit me come midAugust when I would normally be back in the classroom. It will surely hit with that first reduced pay check! I am really enjoying the ICAD process, thats for sure!

Paula Bogdan

Thank you, Rosa! I am already signed up to sub!

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