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Photo Heart Connection - May


It was a tough day at work, one where things just went wrong from start to finish. A headache had me locked in a vise, and I could no more get anything accomplished than most of my students. Quite simply, I needed to relax.

I grabbed my iphone and wondered what I could shoot. Everything and anything seemed to be pile on my desk. I eyed my pencils, sitting there in a favorite mug, and thought, "Why not?" At least it would get my mind off things.

I reached into my purse and grabbed my olloclip and simply began. If anyone had walked in, they would have decided that I really and truly had lost it, hunched over my desk, photographing the mess on it.

This photo makes me smile.

Most people say that it really makes them look.

It reminds me to reach for my camera.

It reminds me that there's always something to shoot.

Hop on over to Kat's blog, and take some time to peruse the magic there.



Always something to shoot! I so agree and then I always find a way to process what I have. I love this PHC and what a great photo.


What a great macro shot, and with your phone? I've got to get one of those lenses! Wonderful PHC.


Great photo... and a wonderful way to refocus on something that brings you pleasure!

via PHC

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