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It Doesn't Take Much


I used to think that if I had the perfect studio with the newest supplies...well, then I could crank out some amazing art.

Now, I know better.

What it takes is me sitting down and making the art! I need to get my rear in gear and just get it done.

No excuses, as in "I had one awful day."

No, sit down, pull out the scrap box and just begin to move around the pieces.

Watch the magic happen, but it won't be what was in my head.

Nope. Somehow, something entirely different emerges.


These are the first two in a series of the ICAD project...an index card a day. (More to follow on that in a later post, but let's just say that it was all begun here at Daisy Yellow. Tammy has it right...sit down, make some art.





The two above include bits and pieces from my scrap box. Throw in some photographs and some drawings. Toss in copies of old journal pages. A touch of colored pencil, a stamp or two.

Fantastic art? Probably not, but fun. Colorful. Both make me happy.

No new supplies were harmed in the making of this art. To be honest, I have enough stuff to open a store. What I am saving it for, the good Lord knows.

More index cards will follow.

They won't always be collage...there will be painting, some sketching, some pattern making. Some will stink. Some will be cool.

No excuses. Perfect never happens.

Just start making art, okay?


Julie Jordan Scott

Love what you've created with your index cards AND I am so glad you shared your blog post. I blogged day 1 and will be blogging more about it so I am encouraged by others who do, too.

You are right: it doesn't take much! Happy high fives!

Barb Karr

These are just the words I need to hear...Haven't made any cards yet, but admire the many styles that have been displayed so far!

Kim Mailhot

Love it !!!!
I am feeling extremely art deprived as I sit here in the chaos of a half packed house and a completely packed studio with two days to go until the movers come. Phew...
I look forward to joining the art fray again asap ! The first room I want to set up after the bedroom is the studio ! It wont be perfect but it will be just what is needed to get my feet wet again !
You go, girl ! Create create create !

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