Photo Heart Connection - March 2014
Dandelion Wishes

The Gift of Imperfection

Shell copy

Some sort of magic happens near the water; I relax into the moment and listen to waves pounding the shoreline. Gulls screech, cackle, and chuckle. Salt air teases. I'm most at home here.

April took me for a roller coaster ride; it left me a bit wobbly in the knees, but much like this shell, while I may be a bit beaten, dented, and weathered, I'm hanging in there, and I'm headed for a most welcome change.

Possiblitlies tease, and all in all, life is good indeed.

I found this shell, almost buried completely, only its point peering above the sand. I had to dig a bit...just like I had to dig deep inside me to figure out a next step. Both times, I unearthed beauty...not perfect, but still beautiful. Such is life, right?

This is my April Heart Connection...imperfect beauty tugging at my soul. Hop on over here to see more connections!




Kim Mailhot

Such is life. Beautiful and imperfect. Glad you weathered the April storms and made it through still being grateful for its beauties.
Love and light to you, and happy May !


Your shell is so lovely in its imperfections. A heartfelt post for your photo-heart connection -- I am learning to accept my imperfections too.


When I find shells like this, I often think about how they must be battered and broken open in order to reveal the beauty inside. I like to think there are parallels to the difficulties we experience in life. Yes, such is life. Great Photo-Heart Connection.


Wonderful post... after all who is perfect? Sometimes I think we've all been duped, perfection is over rated.


You could get lost in the inner working of that shell.


What wonderful much truth!

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