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Photo Heart Connection - February 2014

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Where did February go????

I almost missed the photo heart connection...almost, but not quite. I'm sliding in under the wire, so to speak.

The worst part of it? So many photos to go back and edit; I haven't seem to have had time to sit and play. I really need to get this, and so much else, back under control. was still fun to wander back through some shots. Our gypsy shoes put on many a mile last month; we never seem to lack for ideas of where to go explore.

President's day weekend found us in one of my childhood summer haunts, Rehoboth Beach. It looked a bit iffy at first; snow had blessed us with a few days off from school, and luckily, it all cleared up well enough so that we could go inhale some delicious salt air, inhale some seafood and salt water taffy, enjoy the funkiness of this wonderful little beach town, and simply enjoy ourselves.

Beach fences have always captivated me, and trying to get a shot that was a "bit different" than the norm kept me busy for quite some time over the course of several days. The winding lines, the patterns in the it all.

Of the few that I've had time to work with, this is one of my favorites. Not the best shot, not an awesome shot, but still, it makes me smile. It takes me right back into childhood and hours on the sand and in the water. Memories of my dad convincing me to take a big drink...that salt water was just the best. BLEAH!!! I think I can still taste the stuff.

I love these fences...simple, weathered, a bit wobbly, just like me. Scraggy in places, falling apart in others, but still doing their jobs. Just like me.

I need to go back and keep at it until I get the shot right. I think I've got a few keepers, but,'s such a good excuse to go back!

Be sure to clickety click and go explore some wondeful photos!


Kat Sloma

Such a wonderful Photo-Heart Connection! I love the memories it brings to you, new and old. I think you could make a career out of trying to capture the perfect image of a beach fence... and every day your idea of a "perfect" image would change. Lovely!

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