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Dec13 002

Outside my window, cars whiz by under bare brances and a cloud dotted blue sky.

I am thinking about the year to come, my creative goals, and so much more.

I am thankful for a quiet relaxed Christmas with family and for an abundance of delcicous food and men that cook!

From the kitchen, cookies whisper sweet nothings.

I am wearing jeans and a soft blue/gray sweatshirt, nothing grand, simple comfort clothes to be sure.

I am creating quite the mess in my studio as I ponder the makings of a documented life.

I am going out later in search of calendar planner pages.

I am reading Storycatcher by Christina Baldwin, underlining words that catch me and scribbling in the margins.

I am hoping to order a few things from Amazon, work on my planner, and do a bit of journaling.

I am hearing a "Superheroes" video...Dom is in the house.

Around the house boxes wait to be recycled, toys are scattered here and there, and I'm ignoring it all.

A few plans for the week...simply to savor Christmas for a few days until I get serious about some destashing, correcting papers, and cleaning.


Sherry Smyth

It all sounds delicious Paula! That Dom is in the house and you know that by what you hear him watching; that you have men who cook; that you can be comfortable in simple clothing and that correcting papers can wait a little bit longer. I have to smile at that...my son who is teaching in England came home for the holidays and brought papers with him to mark and he said to me today -- do we have a green pen? No? Then remind me I need to get one for my marking. It sounds a bit strange hearing him speak this way and yet it seems so natural! Enjoy the leisure time my friend! xo

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