Life Is Good
Day 1...A Bit Late!

Veering Off the Path

Oct13 070 copy 2

To quote John Lennon, "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." You see, after two weeks of rusing hither, thither, and yon and filling my brain with all sorts of stuff, I finally had a bit of down time.

Perfect. I could complete my photography assignment - blurring backgrounds and bokeh.

In my head, I composed the perfect shot.

In reality? Well, let's see...

Colorful autumn leaves? Check!

Beautiful sunshiney autumn weather? Uhm...not so much.

Lack of a breeze? Definitely not checked. I wanted to blur the background; not the leaves!

Move over to Plan B, and photograph some toy dinosaurs. (Hey, they stand nice and still!)

Still, the hard headed Russian in me figured I could capture that one elusive moment when the leaves remained perfect in place. And, out I went, creating shot after shot of glorious autumn color.

Each and every one of them blurred.

Frustrated with both Mother Nature and myself, I decided to head back inside, when these lovely beauties said, "Hey, stop. Look. See. I may be dying, but I'm gorgeous!"

And, they Jon Katz would say, "Come and see." Beauty there for the taking. No bokeh, but yes, the background is blurred. But, oh, the colors - an utterly gorgeous palate that I did not expect to enjoy. Not the vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges autumn gifts us, but the cool blues, greens, and purples of summer. One last hurrah of sorts.

Today brings everything yesterday didn't...glorious sunshine! Still a bit of a breeze, so the leaves are dancing. Still, I had to give it a go.

Oct 13 030 copy

Sunshine? Check!

Glorious color? Check!

Background blurred? Check!

Bokeh? Check!

Thanks, Mother Nature...three glorious gifts in two days.

The best? Learning to see.




Sherry Smyth

Two days...glorious gifts in each...I'm loving both of these photos and your quotes...and what you said about the hydrangea? So true...sometimes I think they look better when they are on their last legs. Kinda like me when I'm at the end of the day! hee! xo

Kim Mailhot

Glad you got your shots !
And your you time.
Have a great week !

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