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Photo Heart Connection: February 2013

Feb13 048 copy
So many photos tugged on the heart strings this month...a trip to the beach and a new lens equaled a great deal of fun.

But, I kept coming back to this one.

Winter photos often frustrate me; there's so much brown and gray. Dark depressing colors - ugh! I need sunlight, crave it.

So, as I sat and stared at this shot, trying to figure out what drew me in, I realized that the almost golden light on the dry marsh grasses caught my eye and my heart.

And, there's a peacefulness here, one that my heart needs in the midst of papers that wait to be corrected, emails that wait to be answered, and students that wait for my attention.

This one offers a bit of solitude and peace, a time to quiet my monkey mind, and a time for me to breathe.



Kim Mailhot

peace of mind, body and soul...moments of that are so good for us. beautiful captured for in in this shot.
i hope you have some moments like that today!
happy sunday1


Yes, golden light and peacefulness. I feel it too in this capture. Time to let go of swirling thoughts of things which need to be done and just enjoy this lovely scene!


Here the contrast of the golden beach grass and the blah of winter is wonderful, so I can see exactly what you are seeing.


The light on the grass really does presage summer.
It's interesting to have seen so many wintery photos in PHC this month.
Thanks for sharing,

Michele at Sweet Leaf

Golden up top; Silver and blue down below. There's a lot going on in this image. Lots of patterns and textures. Thanks for sharing! (Visiting from PHC)


Paula, I love the contrast of golden grasses and silvery-blue water. I am craving water the way you are craving sunshine! There is a lovely serenity in this image that speaks to my heart, too.


oh this picture took be to our pond out front that is all dried up from the drought and reminded me of the reflections I would just gaze upon for hours... thank you so much for that flash back.


I can see why you selected this image. The colors are so soft and warm, the reflections in the water are gently interrupted with the soft movement of the water. It is a very peaceful image.

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