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Snowy Beach Day

Feb13 028

Picture 2 middle aged women (60 is still middle aged, right?), ruddy cheeked, faces tucked into their coats, happily clambering about, cameras in hand.


'Cause there's snow on the beach. Not much, grant you, but snow, there is!

It doesn't take much to make us happy...

I love this shot; the snow added such neat sparkle and texture to the beach grass - just gorgeous!

Playing here and here. 

Now, go see all the pretties!


Kim Mailhot

Beach is always pretty ! Snow on the beach doesn't make me as happy as it does you but the photos are lovely.
Happy shooting !


When I lived in Maine I was fascinated by snow at the beach, something I'd never seen on the West Coast. I love your photo, a unique way to capture the phenomenon. And of course 60 is still middle-aged. I plan to live to at least 120, don't you? :-)

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