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This Is What I Know...Making a List!

Making a List...Late Again!

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If it's Tuesday, I must be catching up on "List It Tuesday," yet once again. In my defense this week has been a combination of getting out report cards and Catholic Schools Week! Can you spell "hectic?"

Without further ado, may I present my list?

1. Art supplies...pens, papers, inks, fabrics, all the things of which a mixed media artist dreams. I seriously narrowed whittled down my stash, but there's a whole lot more whittling to do.

2. Camera's all about the lenses, baby. I'm loving my new wide angle - so many possiblities.

3. Tiny vintage bottles and old fashioned telephone pole insulators, especially in shades of greens and blues. Add vintage Bell canning jars to that list!

4. Penguins...this one started as a joke and snowballed from there.

5. Books of all sorts...I keep destashing, but new ones keep following me home.

6. Plates in all sorts of colors and textures...I love to set a pretty table; it's another way to make art.

7. Handmade journals, whether I make my own or buy handmade, and of course, all the goodies I use to fill them up.

8. Postcards from around the world (Check out Postcrossings!) and artsy sorts of cards.

9. Old fashioned flower pots, especially McCoys, in which to store my pens. I love the old wooden cheese boxes as well.

10. Candles, scented bubble baths, and lotions

11. Words of all sorts and poetry

Linking over at Artsyville's List It Tuesday; go check out the fun.



Love your list! I collect many of the same - especially the books!


I like the collections you've got:) I am always on the lookout for a particular McCoy mixing bowl like the one my Mother had. And I know how books seem to follow us home. Thankfully, for me the library is close by.

I bet those rocks from Lake Erie are beautiful as the memories they hold.


oh, vintage bottles! plates! great list! and there's no such thing as late with List it Tuesday -- you have a whole week to post before the link list shuts down, so just post at your leisure! we'll find you! :)

Sponge for Knowledge

Your collections sound awesome! I would love to see all of your telephone pole insulators and postcards from around the world. And books...library used book sales are pretty much my downfall. Or upfall, depending on how you look at it.

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