Snowy Beach Day
Photo Heart Connection: February 2013

It Works for Me!

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Over at Artsyville, inquiring minds would like to know, "What's working for you?" After mulling it over for a few days...and quite frankly, being brain dead, for most of those days, I've compiled my list:

...vanilla spice lattes from Starbucks

...macro lenses

...wide angle lenses walks

....curling up with a good book (Just picked up J.D. Robb's newest!)

...Suduko and crossword puzzles at the end of the day

...early morning prayer time in our school chapel

...dark chocolate sea salt caramels

...working my way through Trader Joe's coffees


...photoshop elements

...weekend time with the "grands"

...making lists

...picking up homemade pierogis and halushki on Fridays during Lent

...destashing and decluttering time in the studio

...sending/receiving cards through Postcrossings

...having my photographs printed as postcards and sending them through the mail

How about you? What's working right now?




What a great list! Love so many of your choices!
Thanks for the link to postcrossing - have now signed up.

Lynn Fisher

Great list! I'm all over the chocolate : ) I love photo walks too, and I am going to miss snowshoeing when the snow is gone...just for that reason.


I LOVE your processing on this image. It turned a subject that normally wouldn't interest me much into a photo that I keep going back to look at some more.


Oh, those lattes ...yum.

I LOVE photo walks. Do you know about So much fun. Every October. Sign up starting August I think?

I love the idea of working one's way through something like coffee. Such a good idea.

Wonderful list!

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