Goodbye, Sweetheart
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The New Normal

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I love this angel; she graces my dining room table during the Christmas season, and she makes me smile each time I look at her.

We're settling in for a new "normal," one where there's no dog to greet us as we approach our door. Tuxie, our cat, seems to be taking over this duty, but truth be told, it's for want of dinner, not sheer joy to see us! Cats are such practical creatures.

What has been beautiful through all of this is the support of friends, and one very special sister. In some senses, I've held back talking about this; it seems almost not right to do so in the face of what happened in Connecticut. Yet, the pain has been very real.

And, my sixth graders? So beautifully awesome...leaving notes of sympathy and offering prayers. One young man baked a loaf of pumpkin bread to help me feel better. So many folks wince in pity when I tell them "I teach Middle School." But, oh do I love these kids. Just love them.

And, so we move forward. Eventually, I'm sure, we'll end up owning yet one more canine critter, but time is needed right now to mourn our WhoDey. I'm past the hard crying now, but I'm still figuring out how to balance the mourning with this beautiful season of joy.

A half day of school instruction in the formal sense tomorrow, but rather just some time to celebrate the love of Christmas.



I was so sorry to hear about the lost of your lovely dog. They have such a special place in our hearts.
Take care.

Kim Mailhot

So sad for the loss of your furry friend. I am glad that you got some extra kiddo love to help you through. Sending big hugs to your tender heart. Enjoy your last half day!

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