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Photo Heart Connection, November 2012

Nov12 200
Her face draws me in, heart and soul; she looks so unsure of herself, as if she's asking, "How did I get into this? How do I care for someone so important?"

She looks as if she knows what's coming, as if she knows that she will not always be able to protect her son.

She looks tired, weary, scared, unsure of herself.

She looks like I feel.

I love renditions of Mary, whether in the form of a painting, a sculpture, or a mosaic. I envy her the serenity that she always seems to exude, but she seems a bit unreal. I see her kneeling by her newborn babe, calm, well rested and not a bit mussed.

And, I think, she had to be tired, worn out, dirty from her journey. She had to be scared and unsure. And, it seems to be an unattainable goal for me to be like her...if she could be so perfect after all that happened, why is it that I get so frazzled when the copier won't work?

So, I'm drawn to this image; it seems so real to me, her uncertaintity, her weariness. I can relate to this Mary so easily; she's a bit frazzled herself.

This is my heart-photo connection for November.




You describe the emotions and the feelings from this Mary so beautifully Paula. You made me feel what you see.


A wonderful contemplation of the heart-connection with Mary. Beautifully said. Thanks, Paula.
Juli - visiting from Kat's photo-heart connection.

Bo Mackison

Warm and true depiction of the photo and your explanation adds a greater depth. Thank you. A great Photo-Heart Connection.

Kat Sloma

Great point, Paula. Art idealizes motherhood, doesn't it? While you see the unsure look in her face, I noticed the strength and surety of her hand, protecting her baby. In her head she might not think she knows what she's doing, in her heart she does know. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection!


This is a wonderful Photo-Heart Connection, Paula. I love this statue of Mary and her baby, and you're right, the emotion in her face and posture feels real. Your composition, the subdued lighting and softly colored background draw me right in to her face.

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