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Silence is Golden

Noise fills my life - the laughter of grandchildren, middle schoolers during the day, and critters wanting to be fed. Good noise, no doubt...but at times, I crave quiet.

Each November, we take our sixth graders here, and it never fails to delight. Eyes follow the arches and spires up, up, up to the heavens. A hush settles over everyone as they slowly spin in circles trying to draw it all in. We're lost in time and space, not knowing where to look first.

The curves of the arches delight me, and I never grow weary of trying to capture the magic. I took well over 200 photos, experimenting with f stops and aperatures, trying to wean myself off auto focus, sometimes with more success than others.

The quiet fills you and settles you somehow, and for that I am grateful.






What a beautiful place!

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