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A November Afternoon

Enter the Cranky Birds

Cranky bird 001
In early October, I quite admired these fine fellows but pretty much figured that they weren't going to happen, at least not in my journals. You see, I knew that if I tried to purposely create a blob which then would magically morph into a cranky bird, I'd tie myself up into knots of pure frustration. Why? Because I'd be thinking way to much about how to control that blog and to make sure it could become a bird, cranky or not.

So, I put those cranky birds out of mind, or so thought. Turns out, they thought otherwise.

Hurricane Sandy, for all the destruction up and down the East Coast that she caused, gave me the gift of time. I happily puttered away in the studio, playing with watercolors and building backgrounds in a journal. Just play, looking to see what might happen, and heat gun blasting away to dry the page, I spotted him, my cranky bird.

Back to Carla's blog I went, and followed the instructions of Carla's guest blogger, Dar Hosta, and began to work on my bird. One wing is definitely wonky, but I love him, none the less.

In her post, Dar explained that cranky birds always have something to say, and mine was definitely telling me that if I wanted this art career to happen, I needed to get cracking and put in the time. I haven't been, and it's my fault, plain and simple.

I could explain to you all that I have had to do, and it's a lot...just a lot of administrative work, meetings, conferences, lesson plans and so on.

Yeah, I need to unwind, but I don't need to fall into hours of random wandering through blogs...and I do mean very random, just following link after link after link...and end up doing nothing of my own. Too many ideas bouncing in my head and never making their appearance via camera or journal page. Pretty stupid, 'cause I know better.

So, this post is a promise to myself to get moving, to make it happen, I know it's possible because this happened. Time to stop dreaming and make it start happening!



I'm in love with your cranky bird and his mesage! I can so relate with the blog hopping - so many great ideas and art and you do get lost in the visiting.

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