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Sept12 041 copy
Just a week ago, I wandered through my sister's yard, shooting some photos as everyone finished up getting ready to go to breakfast. The tiny things drew me, this little whisp of a dying flower, going to seed, no bigger than a quarter. In fact, not much bigger than a dime. Quiet beauty, basically unnoticed by most of the world...just going about its business. The whispy bits delighted me, and I can't quite put into words why it tugs at me. Maybe, it's the beauty in its aging, maybe because it signals another change, one that I can't control. I'm learning to appreciate what the changes bring, whether or not I wanted those changes.

Aug12 058
I'm sneaking my August connection in here! The first week of September brought the beginning of school and all the craziness that entails. By the time I caught my breath, the time to link up had passed me by. I love the texture in this photo, and I love my sister's concentration as she figures out her new macro lens. The two of us generally head up towards Lake Erie right before school starts, and we both get lost in our cameras...whether it's Lake Erie, the beach, or downtown Philly. Many, many happy memories here!



Love your story and photo's can imagine your sister and you lost yourself in your cameras, have fun.


I too see change in your photo. A letting go in order for the next stage to begin. Sounds like a fun time with your sister. Your photo of her is great. She didn't let her white pants keep her from getting the shot she wanted. Love it!

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Love your PHC's, the first one pullss at me too. Beautiful.

Kat Sloma

This is so beautiful Paula, "I'm learning to appreciate what the changes bring, whether or not I wanted those changes." That is something which can have a profound impact on our enjoyment of life's journey, when we learn it. Thank you so much for sharing both August and September's Photo Heart Connections this month. I'm glad you were able to catch up!

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