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Hello, Sandy...

Oct12 089 copy
                                                            No longer turning...      


I'm sipping my coffee, meandering through blogs, enjoying the gift of time.

Sandy's here, not yet in "her full glory," but enough to make her presence known.

One very wet Australian shepherd sleeps in the "drying room," hoping not to forever resemble a sopping canine sponge.

I'm beginning to process my style - clean graphic shapes, repetition, circles.

Rust appeals, as does things that carry a history. Not so much vintage; you know the type...pointy hats, soft dreamy images, and the like.

Not that there's anything wrong with any of that; it just doesn't grab me. Not enough texture? Not sure, as this is all just beginning to gel in my mind.

I'll be working more on this today; it's something I can do whether the power remains on or not. Well, as long as it's daylight, at any rate! It's rather ironic that I chose this image, of a wheel and gears that no longer turn, when the ones in my mind seem to be going full blast. I do think that the universe enjoys a good joke now and then.

I'm planning on meandering through most of my day, working on assignments for Lesley Riley's "Compose Yourself" class, editing some photos, and reading.

So many cars outside, making me grateful that I don't need to be out and about in this mess.

So, Sandy, here's what I want to say: I know you're going to create an unfathomable mess. I know you're going to flood the East Coast and do incrediable damage. I know all this, but right now, you've given me the gift of some time, and for this gift, thank you.

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Kim Mailhot

Be safe and savor your time, Beautiful. I am doing the same up here, with a candle lit and lots of love waves pouring out...
Hugs !


Love your photo style. I too like shapes and natural grunge. Stay safe and warm. This left-coast gal will take an earthquake over a hurricane any day!





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