What I Know
Hit the Road, Jack!

What I Don't Know

Sept 12 balloon ride 047
What I Don't Know is...

...who ever thought that putting fire inside a balloon was a good thing and why I thought climbing into the basket afterwards was a good thing...but that I loved it all and didn't give it a second thought!

...what all those buttons and settings on my camera are for but that I am slowly figuring them out.

...how to make a good pie crust or if I'll ever have that patience to try that one again.

...if I'll ever learn all that there is to know about Photoshop elements.

...why penguins' feet don't get cold or stick to all that ice.

...what my father's house looks like now.

...where my father's mind is at any given point in time.

...if I'll ever get to see NYC at Christmas.

...why my Aussie doggy has a great desire to bark hysterically and snarl at all interlopers when the book says that Aussies ignore the folks they don't know.

...how my two cats got so fat when they get just the amount of food they should.

...what the big deal about encaustic wax is in art.

...what it's like to skateboard or go snowboarding.

...if I'll ever get my house decluttered.

...how a computer works.

...why someone gets great glee by unleashing a worm or computer virus.

...who gave my husband a subscription to Bass magazine when the man does not go fishing.

...why it's never as easy as they tell you it will be.

....what makes so many folks determined to hold onto a grudge.

...if I'll get to Chincoteague to see the monarchs this year.



What a great list Paula...and a couple that made me laugh -- the Penguins feet!! And the encaustic wax...and especially the magazine subscription for your husband!! :)

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