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August Break 2012...Done!

So, I'm done; I did it. 31 photos posted during the month of August! And, I'm only one day late; not too shabby considering I've been back to teaching these last 2 weeks.

Ladies and gents, here's the finale:

Sept12 027
Linking up with Focus 52, where the theme is "signs," and I'm loving the signs at the Farmers' Market this morning - they're as colorful as the produce!

Quite a few of these lovelies followed me home by the way.





You did it! :) Loving the colours of these peppers...I've never seen any that look like the purple ones!


Well done on both the image and your commitment.

Paula Bogdan

Absolutely gorgeous, arent they? I wish I could watercolor; I think theyd make a gorgeous painting! Maybe Ill try anyway...

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