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August Break 2012...Done!

Almost There

Trying to finish up "August Break," which gets pretty funny when I go back to work the 3rd week of August. A break? Nope! More like trying to get my body somehow back into sync. At any rate I'm nearly there...the August Break, not getting my body into sync. That's a work in progress.

At any rate, do you see what I see?

Aug12 086 copy
I didn't see it at the time, being far too busy with trying to do justice to the gorgeous bits of driftwood strewn along the shores of Lake Erie.

I didn't see it then, but now I do. A torso, an arm, and a foot complete with toes. Love it!



Before I read the text - I thought you found an old dead body!! - sure does look creepy. I understand about getting your body adjusted - we are also struggling with the school routine (once again).


I did a double take...saw the comment from Sherry and thought "am I having an out of body experience? I don't remember reading this let alone commenting!" -- lol!!! Anyway, first thing I noticed was the "body" and I think it's incredible. That you didn't notice while you were capturing the interesting driftwood? You did...on a subconscious were drawn to this because your inner eye saw clearly what your outer eye was only glancing at. I love how our minds work!!


I saw that body as well before I read your words! Awesome photos all month!

Kim Henkel

I love it! great pictures... I just found your blog, but have enjoyed looking at all the wonderful pictures.

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